Grid FX

Grid FX is a highly integrated data visualization platform to display graphical and tabular data in enterprise applications. Grid FX features includes AJAX, WYSIWYG editing, Auto Format Wizard, advanced grouping, sorting and filtering, Drag and Drop Editing, Smart Tag Wizards and many more.Grid FX provides Chart FX functionality right in the box providing immediate charts, digital panels and gauges and can also be combined with other Chart FX products to provide additional data visualization needs.

Grid FX offers in place WYSIWYG template editing and context-sensitive Smart Tag Wizards that expose common functionality.
Now the developer can click and drag right on the design surface or access Smart Tags where most functionality is readily available in graphical way rather than a simple list of properties.

Grid FX Main Features

Grid FX Motifs
Found within Grid FX Auto Format Wizard, Motifs are an effective way to quickly apply visuals to your grid. Rather than customizing individual grid...

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Grid FX Licensing Overview: Development: Grid FX ASP。NET design-time components are licensed on a per-developer basis。 The license agreement permits you to use one (1) copy of these components on a...


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