UltraSuite (Edit, Compare, Finder, FTP)

來自 IDM 的 UltraSuite 包括四個功能強大的集成應用程式: UltraEdit、UltraCompare、UltraFinder 和 UltraFTP。

由以下開發商製作:IDM Computer Solutions
ComponentSource 開始代理銷售的日期:2013年

價格從: $ 186.15


Please note that UltradEdit and UltraCompare for Windows, Mac and Linux are now included in the License price.

UltraSuite (Edit, Compare, Finder, FTP)

From the creation and modification of files to their storage, retirement, and deletion. UltraSuite was designed to simplify and streamline your computing. If you work with data, source code, large files, or similar, then chances are you are overloaded with information. Files, folders, emails, attachments, logs, projects, networks, directories, servers and more; the deluge of daily data can easily cause confusion, chaos or worse, lost, duplicated, compromised, or overwritten work. The UltraSuite from IDM is a fully integrated file management solution designed to solve these problems.

The UltraSuite includes four powerful, integrated applications from IDM: UltraEdit, UltraCompare, UltraFinder, and UltraFTP.

With millions of users and nearly two decades of development, UltraEdit is the go-to editor in a diverse range of industries for IT professionals' most important editing needs. From programming and coding in nearly any language, to large file manipulation, from data sorting and text record formatting to remote (FTP/SFTP) file operations.



UltraSuite (Edit, Compare, Finder, FTP) - 包括對 UltraFTP v20.00 的更新
UltraSuite (Edit, Compare, Finder, FTP) - 包括對 UltraFTP v20.00 的更新
UltraFTP 現在可以在本地資料夾和遠端資料夾之間自動同步內容。
UltraCompare v20.00
UltraCompare v20.00
包括新的 Git 集成。
UltraEdit v26.20
UltraEdit v26.20
UltraSuite(編輯、比較、查找器、FTP)- 包括 UltraFinder 19.00 版本
UltraSuite(編輯、比較、查找器、FTP)- 包括 UltraFinder 19.00 版本
UltraFinder 可改進使用者體驗,添加 Tabbed 會話,並大大提高搜索速度。
UltraFinder 19.00
UltraFinder 19.00
大大提高了 MFT 搜索、標準搜索和查找重複項的搜索速度。
UltraEdit v26.10
UltraEdit v26.10
包括 Threaded Quick Find,可大大提高大檔案的性能。

價格從: $ 186.15

Named User: You may install the software on up to 3 machines, on any combination of supported platforms, provided you are the sole user of the software。 If you purchase multiple Named User licenses...


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