IronZIP for .NET

IronZIP for .NET is a C# ZIP archive library for creating, reading, and extracting archives in .NET. Its user-friendly API enables developers to easily add archive management functionality to .NET projects in minutes. IronZIP for .NET prioritizes accuracy, ease of use, and speed to create, read and extract archives on desktop, mobile and cloud.

IronZip Features

Generating Archives

  • Supported Archives:
    • ZIP
    • TAR
    • GZIP
    • BZIP2
  • Add Files:
    • Add Images (jpg, png, gif, tiff, svg, bmp)
    • Add Text Files
    • Add Documents (PDFs, DOCX, XLSX)
    • Add Audio (MP3, WAV)
    • Add Compressed Files (ZIP archives within a ZIP archive)
  • Create and Export:
    • ZIP (Create, Import and Export)
    • Password Protected ZIP (Traditional, AES128 and AES256)
    • TAR
    • GZIP
    • BZIP2
  • Compress Archives:
    • Custom Compression (9 levels)

Editing Archives

  • Manage File Entries:
    • Add File Entries (ZIP, TAR, GZIP...


構建使用 Office 檔的 .NET 8 應用
構建使用 Office 檔的 .NET 8 應用
February 16, 2024Publisher Update
Iron Software 添加對 .NET 8 的支援,為開發人員提供了強大的文件操作、資料提取和自動化功能。
用加密演演算法保護 ZIP 檔案
用加密演演算法保護 ZIP 檔案
January 17, 2024Product Update
IronZIP for .NET 2024.1.1 添加傳統、AES128 和 AES256 加密方法,提高了存檔的安全性和合規性。
在 .NET Apps 中創建、讀取和提取 ZIP 存檔
在 .NET Apps 中創建、讀取和提取 ZIP 存檔
December 15, 2023Product Update
IronZIP for .NET 是一個新 C# 壓縮庫,使開發人員能夠輕鬆地將存檔管理添加到其 .NET 應用程式中。

價格從: $ 734.02

All licenses are perpetual and are valid for dev/staging/production。 Lite - Grants the use of the Iron Software Product by a single software developer in an organization at a single Location。 The Iron...

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Iron Software
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Supported Platforms
  • .NET Core (8, 7, 6, 5 and 3.1+)
  • .NET Standard (2.0+)
  • .NET Framework (4.6.2+)




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sunpreetkhl93 新西兰5 星

Initially, my focus was on IronZIP for the file extraction and archive management capabilities. It’s incredibly efficient for creating and reading archives on any device. The API is robust and... 閱讀詳情