KeepTool Enterprise 授權

倘若您需要討論您有關KeepTool Enterprise的許可要求,請聯絡我們KeepTool方面的許可專家。

A workstation license is bound to your computer. This type of license is always available, even if you are disconnected from the network.

A network license is bound to a license server within your network. You can share a network license among an unlimited number of users, with the only restriction to run it simultaneously on a limited number of workstations. Furthermore, you can borrow licenses for offline use.


  • One year of free updates. This includes both minor updates (patches) and upgrades to the next major version if released within the service period.
  • One year of product support by email.
  • One year’s free use of a cloud-based license system for license transfers between machines.