LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK

The LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK is a collection of multimedia development technology that provides developers with everything they need to create enterprise-level multimedia applications for a wide variety of industries, including defense, broadcast, security, and more. LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite bundles features from LEADTOOLS' Multimedia SDK, Streaming Module, MPEG-2 Transport components, and Imaging Pro SDK, offering tremendous value for the world-class technology it provides. Developers have access to all multimedia features, including playback, conversion, capture, DVD, DVR, MPEG-2 Transport Stream with KLV, video conferencing, UDP/TCP/RTSP streaming, and more. Development licenses for most LEADTOOLS codecs, multiplexers, demultiplexers, and DirectShow Filters and Media Foundation Transforms are also included.

LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suit SDK Includes:

  • Streaming
    • Media Streaming Server
      • RTSP/RTP.
      • RTSP/RTP (MPEG-2 Transport).
      • RTSP/RTP over HTTP.
      • Adobe Flash RTMP.
      • Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).
      • HTML5 Video.
      • Microsoft Smooth Streaming (SSF).
      • MPEG-DASH.
      • Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS).
    • Video Conferencing.
    • MPEG-2 Transport (UAV, HDTV).
    • Windows Media Server.
  • Playback, Conversion, and Capture
    • Playback.
    • Conversion.
    • Capture.
    • Distributed Transcoding.
    • DirectShow.
    • Media Foundation.
  • Audio and Video Codecs
    • Video...


LEADTOOLS 添加對 Python 的支援
LEADTOOLS 添加對 Python 的支援
July 18, 2023新版本
Python 開發人員現在可以利用 LEADTOOLS 技術,包括識別、多媒體和成像。
LEADTOOLS 宣佈 ComponentSource 為日本產品的唯一分銷商。
LEADTOOLS 宣佈 ComponentSource 為日本產品的唯一分銷商。
October 28, 2022新聞快訊
向日本開發人員提供最新版本的 LEADTOOLS。
LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK v22
LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK v22
September 27, 2021新版本
LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK v21
LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK v21
August 28, 2020新版本
包括對 Streaming SDK 的更新,以及新的轉碼器和篩選器。
LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK V20(2019年8月更新版)
LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK V20(2019年8月更新版)
August 30, 2019新版本
LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK V20 (2019年3月版)
LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK V20 (2019年3月版)
March 13, 2019新版本
為跨平臺移動應用添加了 LEADTOOLS Xamarin 相機控制項和 Xamarin 圖像檢視器。

價格從: $ 3,767.61

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