Nevron Map for SharePoint

Nevron Map for SharePoint is an advanced web part for all versions Microsoft SharePoint. It is designed to provide an easy and powerful way to create choropleth maps that are tightly integrated with your data. The web part delivers an unmatched set of features related to visual quality, layout, data integration and data analysis.

Nevron Map for SharePoint features:

  • Support for predefined and custom ESRI maps
  • Support for multiple layers, legends and titles
  • Advanced data binding to your data
  • 22 map projections
  • Data driven filling and styling
  • Map zooming, scrolling and centering
  • Seamless integration with WSS3.0, SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019

General Features

Easy Integration in WSS3.0, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016
Nevron Map for SharePoint provides support for WSS...


Nevron Map for SharePoint 2022.1
Nevron Map for SharePoint 2022.1
April 11, 2022新版本
Nevron Map for SharePoint 2019.1
Nevron Map for SharePoint 2019.1
June 10, 2019新版本
添加對 Microsoft SharePoint 2019 的支援。
Nevron Map for SharePoint 2016.1
Nevron Map for SharePoint 2016.1
November 22, 2016新版本
添加對 Microsoft SharePoint 2016 的支援。

價格從: $ 1,214.22

Server License: One license is required per server。 Subscription includes: Includes upgrades to new major versions and patches when they come out。 With the Subscription Licenses, you will gain access...


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Compatible Containers
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2019
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010