Nevron Vision for .NET 授權

倘若您需要討論您有關Nevron Vision for .NET的許可要求,請聯絡我們Nevron方面的許可專家。

One software license is required per developer machine. If you require 10 or more developer licenses, please contact us at

The Additional Web Server License is required per server for WebForms Production and Deployment.

For more information please see the License Agreement and notes document in the Evals & Demos section for details

Subscription includes: Full Year free updates to new major versions and patches when they come out.

Full Developer License includes:-
1 WebForms / ASP.NET Design-Time Component
1 Windows Forms Design-Time Component
1 WebForms / ASP.NET Production Server Unlimited CPU's

Additional Web Server License includes:-
1 WebForms / ASP.NET Production Server Unlimited CPU's
Windows Forms Deployment Components are Royalty-Free for Redistribution
Run-time royalty free.

Support - Support is provided via a support portal, customers will receive 5 free support tickets with their purchase. Subscription customers will receive 10 support tickets and full year of major version releases.

Important - Please note that there may be a delay before you can use this software as a unique License key has to be generated using your order details. The License Key to unlock the full retail version will be sent to you by email as soon as possible.