Oxygen XML Author Professional V25.1 Build ID: 2023070306

Released: Jul 4, 2023

V25.1 Build ID: 2023070306 中的更新


  • Author: Added a new parameter named escapeEntityRefs to the TransformOperation Author operation to control if entity references are escaped as plain text in the processed content.
  • DITA to PDF based on HTML5 & CSS: Removed the Index from the Table of Content when transforming DITA bookmaps that contain empty <indexlist> elements.
  • Schematron API Extensions: The DITAXSLTExtensionFunctionUtil API method, which can be used from a Schematron to find out information about a keyref, can now also be called with key references that have an element ID.
  • Security/Component Update: Updated the Jackson JSON libraries to version 2.15.0.
  • Security/Component Update: Updated the SnakeYAML library to version 1.33.
  • Oxygen Publishing Engine/Security/Component Update: Updated the JTidy library to version 1.0.4 to avoid the CVE-2023-34623 vulnerability.
  • Oxygen Publishing Engine/Security/Component Update: Updated the Guava library to version 32.0.1.
  • Oxygen Publishing Engine/Security/Component Update: Updated the Netty library used for the DITA XML to Zendesk publishing to version 4.1.94.Final.
  • Oxygen PDF Chemistry/Security/Component Update: Updated the HtmlCleaner library to version 2.29.


  • Files Comparison: Fixed an issue where various errors where not handled when comparing XML files that contained specific types of changes.
  • Author/Form Controls: Fixed an issue where the application would freeze when using a text area form control configured in CSS to render content in the Author mode and the edited content contained special Unicode combining characters.
  • DITA/Keys: Fixed an issue where peer map keys that reference non-DITA resources were mistakenly presented in the Keys and Media tabs of the DITA Reusable Components view.
  • DITA/Subject Scheme Maps: Fixed various issues where subject scheme maps were not properly used to impose profiling attribute values independently in different key scope contexts.
  • DITA Links: Fixed an issue where link text sometimes was not resolved correctly when key references to elements that had titles were used.
  • API/DITA: Fixed an issue where the DITAAccess.exportDITAMap() API method used to export a DITA map did not work properly when the DITA map URL contained a query.
  • Eclipse Plugin/Compare: Fixed an issue where the "Ignore nodes by XPath" option was ignored when comparing files using XML-related algorithms.
  • WebHelp Responsive: Fixed an issue where the Kuromoji library was not copied to the output folder when the language was set to "ja".
  • WebHelp Responsive: Fixed an issue where the zoom widget did not appear for images that were loaded after the corresponding JavaScript script was loaded.
  • Oxygen Publishing Engine/DITA Publishing: Fixed an issue where, when publishing a DITA map that contained topics using the "&nbsp;" character entity, only the first topic was parsed, while the remaining such topics were not parsed at all.
  • Oxygen PDF Chemistry/PDF/Change Tracking: Fixed an issue where transformations to PDF were stopped when change-bars were added in the PDF.
  • Oxygen PDF Chemistry/PDF/Right-to-Left Writing: Fixed an issue where multi-column text and page headers/footers were incorrectly displayed using left-to-right writing.
  • Oxygen PDF Chemistry/PDF Links: Fixed an issue where "Unresolved ID reference" warnings were no longer presented for internal links that could not be resolved within the PDF.