Oxygen XML WebHelp

Oxygen XML WebHelp helps you transform DITA and DocBook resources into WebHelp output. You can transform DITA and DocBook documents into three types of WebHelp systems, Desktop WebHelp (using the predefined DITA/DocBook WebHelp transformation scenario), Desktop WebHelp with feedback (using the predefined DITA/DocBook WebHelp with feedback transformation scenario) and WebHelp for mobile devices, supported over multiple platforms (using the predefined DITA/DocBook WebHelp and mobile transformation scenarios).

Oxygen XML WebHelp Features

  • Skins - The layout of the WebHelp Responsive system is platform independent and is highly customizable. It relies on a template mechanism that allows you to control the position of various functional components in the output to suit your particular requirements. You can select from several different styles of layouts and each of these layouts include a collection of skins that you can choose from, or you can even customize your own.
  • WebHelp Responsive with Feedback...


Oxygen XML WebHelp V23.0
Oxygen XML WebHelp V23.0
添加將 WebHelp 輸出連結到您自己的 Oxygen Feedback Enterprise裝置的功能。
Oxygen XML WebHelp V22.1
Oxygen XML WebHelp V22.1
改進了與 Oxygen Feedback 的集成。
Oxygen XML WebHelp V22
Oxygen XML WebHelp V22
使用相同的自訂 CSS 來設計 WebHelp 回應式和 PDF 輸出的內容樣式。
Oxygen XML WebHelp V21.0
Oxygen XML WebHelp V21.0
現在與最新的 DITA 開放工具包相容。
oXygen  XML WebHelp V20
oXygen XML WebHelp V20

價格從: $ 2,073.06

Oxygen XML WebHelp Per Process License: Incorporate, integrate, include and use the Software for internal business purposes on a Process basis。 Processes may not exceed the total number licensed。 A...


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Product Type
  • DITA Open Toolkit Plugin
  • DocBook XSL Distribution Plugin