Rebex Security

Rebex Security is a library for C# and VB.NET developers. Provides XTS-AES encryption wrapper stream, making it easy to add strong encryption capabilities to existing applications. Also includes simple file encryption/decryption API, essential PKCS #7 objects and a collection of useful cryptographic algorithms.

Rebex Security Features

  • Simple file encryption - FileEncryption objects provides a very simple file and stream encryption API that supports:
    • Encryption and decryption of files
    • Encryption and decryption of streams
    • Supports AES, 3DES and Twofish in CBC mode
    • Supports XTS-AES (defined by IEEE P1619)
    • Password-based protection
    • PBKDF2 key derivation
  • XTS-AES encryption stream - XtsStream object is a transparent wrapper stream that adds encryption/decryption support to any .NET stream object, which makes...


Rebex Security R5.5
Rebex Security R5.5
添加一套新的針對 Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 的二進位檔案。
Rebex Security R5.3
Rebex Security R5.3
添加對使用 PBKDF2 with HMAC/SHA-2 的私密金鑰的支援。
Rebex Security R5.2
Rebex Security R5.2
添加新的 ChaCha20Poly1305 類。
Rebex Security R5.1
Rebex Security R5.1
Rebex Security 2020 R5
Rebex Security 2020 R5
添加對 Microsoft .NET 5.0 的支援。
Rebex Security 2020 R4
Rebex Security 2020 R4
添加在 .NET 5.0 RC1 中使用針對 .NET Standard 2.1 的 Rebex 程式集的功能。

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Component Type
  • .NET 5.0
  • .NET 3.5 SP1, 4.0-4.8
  • .NET Core 2.0-3.1
  • Mono 4.x/5.x/6.x
  • Xamarin.iOS 12.3 or later
  • Xamarin.Android 9.1 or later