Rebex SSH Shell 授權

倘若您需要討論您有關Rebex SSH Shell的許可要求,請聯絡我們Rebex方面的許可專家。

A Developer License is licensed on per-developer basis. You have to obtain a valid license for each person who writes code which directly uses the component.

A Company license licenses all developers employed by a single company.

Run-time Royalty free.

Support Contract 

  • A support contract entitles you to unlimited free tech support provided by the friendly programmers at Rebex, unlimited updates, and every new version of component that comes out.

Support Contract Renewals

  • When your support contract is active or expired less than 3 months ago, you are able to renew.
    • The new contract seamlessly extends the original contract, it starts at the original contract's expiration date.
  • When your support contract expired more than 3 months ago:
    • You have to purchase new license. The new contract begins at the date of the purchase.

Upgrades from Rebex SSH Shell to Rebex Total Pack, Rebex File Transfer Pack and Rebex SSH Pack are available, please contact us for pricing.

Upgrades from competitive products to Rebex SSH Shell are also available, please contact us for pricing.

Binaries for mainstream platforms - For information on mainstream platforms please click here.

Binaries for legacy CF platforms - For information on which platforms are considered "legacy" please click here.


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