SQL Compare 新版本發表

Released: Sep 19, 2016

12.0 中的更新


  • New User Interface (UI) - Overhauled UI of SQL Compare aligns with Redgate's new common design guidelines. Improves the underlying codebase and fixes over 200 UI related bugs.
  • Parallel registration - When registering from a live database, scripts folder, or a snapshot, SQL Compare will now register both data sources at the same time, rather than waiting for your source to finish before starting on the target. This should speed up the comparison considerably.
  • Login based licensing - SQL...

Released: Jul 18, 2016

11.6 中的更新


  • Now accepts the ALTER DATABASE CURRENT syntax.
  • Now connects to SQL Server 2016 RTM.
  • New product switcher - accessible from the product logo top-left.
  • Now deploys migrations created in SQL Source Control 5 Release Candidate.
  • Migrations created with the SQL Source Control 5 Beta are no longer supported.


  • SC-8668: SQL Compare no longer generates incorrect creation script for objects using WITH ENCRYPTION option when AS keyword not specified.
  • SC-8421: Dependencies now correctly calculated...

Released: Mar 21, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 11.5

New Features

  • SQL Compare now connects to SQL Server 2016 RC0.
  • SQL Compare now has a SHA-256 digital signature.
  • SQL Compare now reads tables and indexes more quickly, especially those in schemas with many partitions. Applies to SQL Server 2005 and onwards, as well as Azure V12.


  • SC-7985: SQL Compare no longer errors on registration when attempting to decrypt objects on low compatibility level databases.
  • SQL Compare no longer adds some blank lines or redundant GOs when...

Released: Jan 10, 2012

Updates in this release

Updates in 10.0

  • Table mapping - Map together tables and columns with different names; this can be useful to prevent data loss when deploying tables or columns that have been renamed.
  • Creating a new database to compare - Useful if you want to create a copy of the source database.
  • Comparing revisions from SQL Source Control - Select specific versions of a source-controlled database to compare.
  • New command line switches - AbortOnWarnings, IgnoreSourceCaseSensitivity, LogLevel, ShowWarnings...

Released: May 19, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in 9.0

  • SQL Compare 9.0 now supports SQL Azure databases.
  • Various bug fixes

Released: Feb 11, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in V8.5

  • A free add-in for SQL Server Management Studio that enables you to set data sources to compare and synchronize from within SQL Server Management Studio
  • Fast deployment and Fast deployment projects: synchronization with one click (Pro feature)
  • Support of handling databases under SQL Source Control (using the add-in)

Released: Sep 24, 2010

Updates in this release

Updates in V8.2

SQL Compare 8.2 is a minor release, including a number of bug fixes.

  • Better handling of encrypted objects
  • SQL Compare now correctly synchronizes the user permission: View Change Tracking
  • The command line interface now correctly displays script parser errors
  • The command line interface now displays a synchronization script correctly when synchronizing two scripts folders
  • The interactive HTML report can now be viewed without an Internet connection
  • Other minor user interface issues