SQL Prompt Pro 10.13.x

Released: Nov 10, 2022

10.13.x 中的更新


Updated Oct 26, 2023


  • Fixed an issue where tabs would not restore when connection was of Active Directory Password type.
  • Fixed connecting to Azure via Azure Active Directory Password in SSMS 18.
  • Fixed an issue where comments would not align correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where column data type was missing in temp table created from SELECT with CASE.


Updated Oct 3, 2023


  • Added support to ISJSON optional parameter.
  • Added JSON_PATH_EXISTS support to Microsoft Azure.


  • Fixed Linked Server suggestions not working with OLE DB Driver.


Updated Sep 13, 2023


  • Fixed style override when saving SQL Prompt settings.
  • Fixed an issue with SQL History ignoring numbers in search.
  • Fixed an issue where single line comments were not properly formatted.
  • Fixed registry key "StoreSettingsUnderRoaming" not impacting all the required files.
  • Fixed an issue where restoring settings didn't reset the formatting style to default.


Updated Aug 22, 2023


  • Added support for saving advanced search settings for SQL History.
  • Added support for multiple syntaxes on Azure SQL databases.


  • Fixed an issue with connecting via Azure Active Directory with MFA for SSMS19.1.
  • Fixed AT TIME ZONE expressions recognition.
  • Fixed formatting issue for TRIM in SQL Server 2022.
  • Fixed "Could not load file or assembly System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions" error occurring when using Azure Active Directory authentication methods.
  • Fixed an issue with columns not having data type when created by CAST function.


Updated Jul 19, 2023


  • Added advanced search tooltip for finding exact matches in SQL History by using double quotes (e.g. "create view").


  • Fixed an issue where an unwanted space/tab was being added into the multi-part identifier in the WHERE clause.
  • Fixed an issue where OPENXML statement wasn't recognized in Azure SQL Database.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented exact match searches in SQL History.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Smart Rename to rename column with same name but different case on case sensitive database.


Updated Jun 28, 2023


  • Improved feedback when options fail to save.
  • Added support for the following Microsoft SQL Server 2022 functions:
  • Adjusted 'FindInvalidObjects' combobox dropdown width.
  • Added the ability to close queries in SQL History advanced search.


  • Fixed an issue where OdbcPrec and OdbcScale functions weren't recognized in SQL Server 2022.
  • Fixed an issue with database related suggestions not appearing in Visual studio.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect column suggestions were provided when creating a foreign key using ALTER TABLE with REFERENCES.


Updated Jun 14, 2023


  • Added support for RESPECT NULLS and IGNORE NULLS syntax.
  • Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2022 DATETRUNC function.
  • Added support for SQL Server 2022 LEAST, STRING_SPLIT, LEFT_SHIFT and RIGHT_SHIFT syntax.
  • Added a feature for setting parentheses spacing only after parentheses in function calls.
  • Changed Microsoft Excel export result of datetime where time of day matches 0.


  • Fixed an issue with formatting query with a WINDOW function.
  • Fixed an issue with parser not recognizing Odbc builtin functions.
  • Fixed an issue where columns from outer SELECT would not show up in inner SELECT when using CROSS APPLY.
  • Fixed an issue with List of Code Analysis window not rendering its content while Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities is enabled in VS2019-2022.
  • Fixed an issue where script preview used the wrong tab size, and disabled the tab size setting when indentation style is set to tabs.


Updated May 24, 2023


  • Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2022 DATE_BUCKET syntax.
  • Added support for SQL Server 2016 - SQL Server 2022 CET (Create External Table) statement syntax.
  • Added support for SQL Server 2022 CETAS (Create External Table As Select) statement syntax.


  • Fixed an issue where SQL History sometimes put queries to wrong date category.
  • Fixed an issue where changing SELECT INTO with columns to CREATE TABLE could result in wrong column order.


Updated May 11, 2023


  • Fixed an issue with Tab coloring in SSMS19.
  • Fixed an issue with empty whitespaces being part of prompt suggestions.
  • Fixed an issue with Tabs not reconnecting on SSMS 19.
  • Fixed an issue with temporary table definition preview when hovering over table name.
  • Fixed an issue with SSMS 19.02 prompting TextMgrP.dll error upon launch.
  • Fixed issue where SqlPrompt.Format.CommandLine.exe would crash while closing SQL Compare.


Updated Mar 28, 2023


  • Added sort options to SQL History advanced search.


  • Fixed an issue with exporting EXCEL document which caused it to crash for some system cultures.
  • Fixed an issue where uppercase was applied to columns from OPENJSON when formatting SQL query.
  • Fixed an issue where Qualify Object Name feature replaced wrong parts of the script.
  • Fixed an issue where snippet was duplicated instead of modified and color options didn't work.
  • Fixed an issue with BEGIN and END wrapping casted on ALTER PROCEDURE.


Updated Mar 14, 2023


  • Fixed an issue where windowing functions were suggested in GROUP BY clause while they shouldn't.
  • Fixed an issue where auto complete feature didn't include full text index for views.
  • Fixed an issue with closing query inside SQL History.


Updated Feb 21, 2023


  • INLINE option is now suggested inside function's WITH clause.
  • Fixed saving settings in SQL Prompt options for Visual Studio.
  • Fixed an issue with starting the application when the strong name check option is active.
  • Removed incorrect message about SQL Server 2000 support when trying to use a linked server.
  • Fixed an issue where suggestions were not available if column name was used in CROSS APPLY VALUES statement.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to format query containing CROSS APPLY VALUES statement would throw an error.
  • Fixed an issue with EXEC WITH RESULT SETS formatting.
  • Fixed Split Table and Smart Rename for SSMS 19.
  • Fixed an issue where adding columns to INSERT statement wouldn't work with temporary tables and could pick wrong table.
  • The Smart Rename option will no longer appear for default constraints.


Updated Jan 19, 2023


  • SQL History: Improved how search results are highlighted in preview window.


  • Fixed a formatting issue where CAST function wasn't formatted like other functions.
  • Fixed an issue where the installer could fail to detect SSMS 19 Preview 4 being installed.
  • Fixed an issue where a query that is part of a solution cannot be re-opened.
  • Fixed an issue where Export To Excel could fail when exporting a large number of rows.
  • Fixed an issue where opening SQL History from the command palette sometimes resulted in an empty window.


Updated Jan 4, 2023


  • Added support for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 19 Preview 4.
  • SQL History: Improved searching.
  • SQL History: Added the ability to see open/closed queries.


Updated Dec 14, 2022


  • Fixed an upgrade issue for users previously running a version of SQL Prompt older than v9.5.22.


Updated Nov 18, 2022


  • SQL History: Added the ability to see only starred queries.
  • SQL History: You can now open queries/histories by double-clicking them.


Updated Nov 10, 2022


  • SQL History: Keep a copy of all queries that you write along with a history of each.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur relating to Redgate Platform access tokens.