RemObjects C# 新版本發表

Released: Aug 20, 2021

11.0.x 中的更新


Updated Aug 20, 2021

  • Core
    • CC: Nothing to complete (after closure?).
    • Island: Cannot call length() on a string from strongly-typed DOM interface.
    • Swift: No CC when missing () on call site.
    • WebAssembly: Added support for ByteString -- check when a dynamic call without () is a method or property.
    • Debugger: Island: Improved eval for arrays (pointer type) and pointer to char/ansichar.
    • Debugger: Island: You can now get sub-values for variables with special range location.
    • Debugger: Island...

Released: Oct 4, 2019

10.0.0.xxxx 中的更新


Updated Feb 18, 2020

  • Core
    • 82066: Bad reformat after attribute.
    • 82132: CC crash, Invalid cast.
    • 81955: Gold: endless loop in ConstDefiniton.
    • Merged EBuild.
    • Merged EUnit.
    • Merged Everwood5.
    • Merged RTL2.
    • Template fixes.
  • Fire and Water
    • Fire is not Notarized again (wasn’t for the past two weeks due to rule changes from Apple* and now runs under the Hardened Runtime on Mojave and Catalina. This required a number of nasty internal hacks that hopefully should be transparent for end-users, but...

Released: Sep 6, 2019 中的更新

Updates in

  • Core
    • 83193: Android: don't show Obsolete warnings in "else" clause for "if available"
    • 83178: Better error/auto-fix for param vs. params
    • 83175: Cannot add return statement to an anonymous Action<> body
    • 83126: Cocoa: don't show Obsolete warnings in "else" clause for "if available" (iOS vs Extension)
    • 83185: Cooper: compiler lets me access private class (fails at runtime)
    • 83186: Cooper: problem with default interface implementation
    • 82317: Debugger: cannot use typeOf...

Released: Aug 30, 2019 中的更新

Updates in

  • Core
    • 83138: Ambiguous call to overloaded method "Language".
    • 83157: C#: "Cannot return without a value" in closure.
    • 83151: Cirrus: Missing information in Services.
    • 82608: Debugger: allow Java ArrayList to be expanded to show items.
    • 82317: Debugger: cannot use typeOf().
    • 83159: Go/Echoes: when using .(type) against an interface, for us the type is not a reference.
    • 83169: Go/Echoes: wrong initialization to fZero of struct fields.
    • 83156: Go: issues found via imports.
    • 83142: Go...

Released: Aug 9, 2019 中的更新

Updates in

  • Core
    • 82544: CC shows enters
    • 82341: CC: properties not visible in nameOf(), and inside the .ctor
    • 82288: Debugger: Cocoa: cannot use indexer on string
    • 81629: Debugger: Cocoa: eval cannot see children for NSArrays
    • 81876: Debugger: support expanding Sequences in the locals evaluator
    • 83050: Go to Definition: add assembly path where the type was loaded
    • 81851: Show enumerable values as part of expanding an enumerable type (CLR)
    • Merged CodeGen4
    • Merged EBuild
  • Fire & Water
    • Fire...

Released: Aug 2, 2019 中的更新

Updates in

  • Fire: support for filter-as-you-type in Code Completion.
  • Option to register new CrossBox servers from the command line.

Released: Jul 12, 2019 中的更新

Updates in

  • Support for published members.

Released: Jun 28, 2019 中的更新

Updates in

  • await-able Closure Callbacks.
  • Support for 64-bit ARM Linux (aarch64).

Released: Jun 21, 2019 中的更新

Updates in

  • Support for building UIKit for Mac apps.
  • Revised "New Project" and "New File" dialogs in Fire and Water, with more clear platform categorization.

Released: Jun 14, 2019 中的更新

Updates in

  • Support for deploying and launching standalone watchOS 6.0 apps to the Simulator.