UE-Mobile (UEm), UltraEdit for USB flash drives

Run UltraEdit on your USB drive.

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Please note UE-Mobile (UEm) is now only available as part of UltraEdit All Access subscription licenses (formerly IDM All Access).

UE-Mobile (UEm), UltraEdit for USB flash drives

UE-Mobile (Uem), UltraEdit for USB flash drives allows you to run the popular UltraEdit text editor directly from your USB flash drive. Access the same features as the UltraEdit, macros, syntax highlighting, column, mode, code folding, Unicode support, FTP/Telnet etc. UEm is designed for Portable Apps flash drives. Now you can take your projects, files, and favorite text editor with you, no matter where you go. With UE Mobile (UEm) you will always have your preferred editing environment with you. And best of all UEm remembers your custom configurations. UE Mobile includes UltraCompare Lite at no additional cost.

UltraEdit Mobile Solution

  • Installs on PortableApps
  • Same features as UltraEdit
  • Leaves no footprint on host computer
  • Take UltraEdit anywhere

PortableApps is an open-source, free USB-drive operating system platform that is available for any user with a simple USB flash drive. Simply install the PortableApps software on your USB flash drive and you're ready to go - carry all of your favorites, settings, email, and more with you - and now with UE Mobile (UltraEdit for PortableApps) carry your...


IDM All Access
IDM All Access
新的 IDM All Access 年度訂閱包括所有平臺上的所有 IDM 代碼編輯應用程式。
UE-Mobile (UEm) released
UE-Mobile (UEm) released
Run UltraEdit on your PortableApps USB drive.
One software license is required per user。 All new licenses come with 1 free upgrade to the next release and lifetime technical support via email。 To receive upgrades after the first release you will...

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