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Jose Neri 墨西哥5 星

Muy amigable ditor de texto y muy funcional.


Jose Neri 購買過授權的客戶墨西哥5 星

Muy amigable ditor de texto y muy funcional.

拒絕透露的姓名 購買過授權的客戶法国5 星
拒絕透露的姓名 購買過授權的客戶保加利亚5 星

I’ve been using it since 2004 - it is my go-to editor for any kind of source code. I have even expanded and customised the code highlighting files to achieve better experience.

拒絕透露的姓名 購買過授權的客戶英国5 星

My favourite text editor.

Uwe 購買過授權的客戶德国4 星

UltraEdit is, without a doubt, fantastic and does everything it says it does and more - and very well. It is unfortunately marred on the usability side by that stupid ribbon. A professional tool should have the same controls always in the same place and not reformat its toolbars based on window size. I spend far too much time looking for stuff that used to be there. Also, the loss of vertical screen real estate by this monstrosity does not really go well with the fact the all screens today are wide and not tall. I wish more developers would not follow MS's stupid design ideas. In addition: some of the buttons and other window elements are not really well sized for a high resolution display - that is the main point for improvement I see (or rather - don't see :-)

kjell108 購買過授權的客戶挪威5 星

Visually the best one can hope for. Highlighting support is very good. When it comes to "Run script" I prefer a home made external program.

wesy 購買過授權的客戶韓國5 星

요즘 코딩교육을 많이 하고 있는데, UltraEdit를 사용하시면 편리하고 유용할것 같습니다. 감사합니다.

fernando.goncalves葡萄牙4 星

O produto responde às nossas necessidades, mas é muito lento na abertura e manipulação de ficheiros grandes (mais de 2 GBs).

拒絕透露的姓名 購買過授權的客戶台灣5 星