UltraFTP 授權


我們可提供任何 UltraFTP 許可證,Perpetual Named User Licenses(永久指定使用授權)、Concurrent User Licenses(併發使用授權)、及教育許可證以。

Named User: You may install the software on up to 3 machines, on any combination of supported platforms, provided you are the sole user of the software. If you purchase multiple Named User licenses, each individual Named User will receive a separate license ID.

Concurrent User: Licensed per machine where multiple users access the application but only one at a time. For example If multiple people need to use the software at one time, then you would simply need enough concurrent licenses to cover the concurrent usage. For example, if you had the software installed on a server with 100 users, but only 10 people needed to use it at a time, you would need 10 concurrent licenses.

Educational Licenses: An educational version of the Named or Concurrent user License is available to non-profit educational institutions.To qualify for a student/teacher or University/classroom Educational discount, you must be enrolled in an accredited public or private university or college (including community, junior, or vocational college) that grants degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two years of full-time studies.

You will be asked to provide proof of entitlement such as a scan of a student ID card for verification.

Extended Upgrades: By selecting an extended upgrade option you receive all releases for either 1 or 2 years, not just the next single release. Get all major and minor releases of UltraEdit, enjoy performance enhancements, get the latest feature and stay current with development trends.

If you do not purchase with extended upgrades then to receive updates after the first release you will need to purchase an upgrade license. e.g. Purchase v17.10 without extended upgrades, get v17.20 for free, have to pay upgrade fee to get v17.30.

All licenses come with:

  • Win, Mac and Linux versions.
  • 1 free upgrade to the next release e.g. v17.10 to v17.20.
  • Unlimited lifetime technical support via email.




UltraFTP 可作為永久許可證提供。 購買許可證後,您即可永久使用該軟體。


是。 請聯絡我們,討論您的要求。




所有 UltraFTP 許可證均包含透過電郵提供的技術支援。 如需了解更详细信息,请访问 UltraEdit 支持页面


UltraEdit 產品支援離線啟動。


UltraEdit 不直接銷售以前版本,但購買許可證將為客戶提供當前版本的金鑰,該金鑰也可用於以前版本。 UltraEdit 將為付費客戶提供下載以前版本的連結,但請注意,對以前版本提供的支援有限。


是,前提是該許可證由開發人員的雇主擁有和傳播。 許可證包括內置保護,以防超出其允許的使用。 公司環境中的許可按唯一使用者、按系統進行。 對於平常的員工流動,可以合理地重新分配唯一使用者。 但是,倘若需要“浮動”許可證,即多個人員可能在單個系統上訪問該許可證,則需要購買併發許可證。


是。 全功能折扣教育版本可供非營利性教育機構使用。


是。 請聯絡我們,討論您的要求和獲取個性化報價。