UltraFTP v21.00

Released: Feb 24, 2021

v21.00 中的更新


  • Synchronized browsing
    • New option in Home tab.
    • When enabled, UltraFTP automatically browses into the corresponding folder on local or remote side (if it exists).
    • If corresponding folder doesn't exist, UltraFTP prompts to disable synced browsing.
  • New Settings area
    • New option in Home tab.
    • Set whether files open in UltraEdit or UEStudio.
    • Configure double-click action for files (transfer or open).
  • With "Share FTP accounts" enabled, UltraFTP doesn't download items before sending them to UltraEdit, UEStudio, or UltraCompare.
  • "Compare files" now defaults to last two files selected.
  • Improved Perl regexp filter.
  • Addressed multiple overwrite prompt issues.