Web Interface for Formatter

Web Interface for Formatter sends XML files and stylesheets to your AH Formatter Server instance and receives back a PDF document. It includes a Folder Monitoring Service that allows you to easily convert by adding target files to a specified folder. It also notifies you when the conversion has finished.

Client Side
Simply add the code provided to your client application. It automatically builds commands for sending XML data and XSL or CSS stylesheets to the server for processing.

Processing Data on the Server Side
First, it transforms the XML data into XSL-FO using an XSLT processor on the server. Then it starts AH Formatter and returns a PDF to the client machine. To create PDFs from XML files you don't need AH Formatter installed on the client machine.

Based on JavaScript
Commands are sent...


Web Interface for Formatter V6.0 MR2
Web Interface for Formatter V6.0 MR2
包括與 AH Formatter V6.5 的兼容,以及對 Linux 的支持。

價格從: $ 2,940.00

1 User License: An XSL Formatter V6。3 Server license or later is required in order to use the Web Interface for Formatter, There is no need to install AH Formatter on the client side, Web Interface...


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