WebStorm is an integrated development environment (IDE) by JetBrains. It includes everything you need for JavaScript and TypeScript development and lets you get straight to coding. WebStorm also makes it easy to tackle the most challenging tasks. Whether you’re resolving Git merge conflicts or renaming a symbol across multiple files, it takes just a few clicks.

WebStorm Features

  • Smart code editor - WebStorm understands your project structure deeply and can assist you with every aspect of coding. It will autocomplete your code, detect and suggest fixes for errors and redundancies, and help you refactor code safely.
  • Fast navigation and search - Move through your code faster, regardless of how large your projects are. Jump to the definition of any function, method, variable, component, or class, and find its usages with no effort at all. Look for files...


April 12, 2024Product Update
WebStorm 2024.1 添加新的粘性線條功能,可幫助您更輕鬆地保持上下文並理解您代碼的整體結構。
區分 React 客戶端和伺服器元件
區分 React 客戶端和伺服器元件
January 29, 2024Product Update
WebStorm 2023.3.3 以不同的顏色突出顯示了客戶端和伺服器元件,使其更容易區分。
用強大的新功能提升您的 Angular 開發
用強大的新功能提升您的 Angular 開發
January 2, 2024Product Update
WebStorm 2023.3 添加嚴格的類型檢查、控制流引導和對 Angular Signals 的支援。
WebStorm 2023.2.2
WebStorm 2023.2.2
September 20, 2023新版本
添加對 rpx 和 upx 自定義 CSS 屬性單元的支援。
WebStorm 2023.2.1
WebStorm 2023.2.1
August 25, 2023新版本
添加對 CSS 系統顏色的支援。
WebStorm 2023.2
WebStorm 2023.2
July 26, 2023新版本
改進了 JavaScript 和 TypeScript 的錯誤格式,並添加對 CSS 嵌套的支援。

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Starting from November 2, 2015, JetBrains has introduced a new subscription-based licensing model that has replaced the previous model, allowing you to purchase yearly subscriptions that includes all...

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System Requirements
  • 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 10 1809 or later and Windows Server 2019 or later
  • macOS 12.0 or later
  • Ubuntu (22.04, 20.04 or later) distribution that supports Gnome and KDE