WPSpell includes spell-as-you-type features. Misspelled words are underlined and can be corrected using a context menu. It also includes a traditional spellcheck dialog and supports multiple dictionaries. WPSpell has been especially tailored to work with WPTools.

WPSpell Features

  • Spellcheck while typing.
  • Specially tailored to work with WPTools.
  • Traditional spellcheck dialog.
  • Support for spellcheck during input (curly underlines + popup dialog).
  • Instant update of spellcheck markers when switching languages.
  • Use multiple dictionaries.
  • Low overhead - dictionaries are not completely loaded into memory (although this option exists, too).
  • Setup information automatically stored in INI file or registry.
  • Dictionary compiler included.
  • Optional compound word...


WPSpell 2
WPSpell 2
字典編譯器現在能處理更大的單字清單,並且速度提升多達 50 倍。

價格從: $ 105.67

Developer License: One software license is required per developer。 Team License: Allows up to 6 developers who are working on a product。 Site Wide License: Allows up to 20 Developers at a single...


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