ArtfulBits Blog

ArtfulBits Blog complements and extends SharePoint blog functionality. You can update your blog with videos, zoomable images and categorization tags. You can also filter blog entries by category or tag and easily configure global settings including the maximum number of blog entires on a page, tag cloud limits and more.

  • Categorize and tag blog entries.
  • Add comments to blog entries.
  • Display profile pictures.
  • Add a configurable tag cloud.
  • Add videos and zoomable images to a blog entry.
  • Rich blog text editor.
  • Pagination support.
  • "Read more/less" and “Show more comments” functionality.
  • Filter by category or tag.
  • Blog archive page.
  • Configure global settings.
  • Language pack support.


ArtfulBits Blog V1.3
ArtfulBits Blog V1.3
ArtfulBits Blog V1.2
ArtfulBits Blog V1.2
添加對 Microsoft SharePoint 2016 的支援。
ArtfulBits Blog released
ArtfulBits Blog released
Enhance standard SharePoint blog functionality.

價格從: $ 588.00

One software license is required per Single SharePoint Farm。 Subscription provides the following benefits for 1 year: One year of prioritized support, Access to ArtfulBits Issue Tracking System...


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  • SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2010