Barcode Xpress Java 新版本發表

Released: Dec 20, 2021

v13.7 中的更新


  • Improved detection of faded or damaged QR Locator Patterns.

Released: Sep 30, 2021

v13.6 中的更新


  • QR Code decoding - Improved the ability to decode QR Codes with interior distortion.
  • Added a new "Is this page helpful?" question to the bottom of each page, allowing you to send "Yes" or "No" feedback with a single click.
  • Updated the Samples topic with new sections for using Apache Netbeans or Eclipse IDE for running the samples.


  • Removed top-level directories from the Barcode Xpress for Java ZIP archive to consolidate the directories in the archive and make it easier to extract to your...

Released: Jun 30, 2021

v13.5 中的更新


  • Evaluate Barcode Xpress - You can now run Barcode Xpress without an installed license, making it easier to evaluate the product. Barcode Xpress now automatically runs in Watermark evaluation mode if started without a license.
  • Barcode Xpress now detects Micro QR barcodes - With this release you can now recognize the four versions of Micro QR codes: M1, M2, M3, and M4.
  • New Barcode Xpress sample on GitHub - A new sample has been published on GitHub. This sample is deliberately minimal, designed...

Released: Jan 23, 2021

v13.4 中的更新


  • Added support in the License Manager for the following new command line operations:
    • List operation to display installed licenses.
    • Remove operation to remove all installed licenses.
    • getsdklist operation to fetch a list of installable toolkit licenses.
    • installsdk operation to download and install a toolkit license.
  • Added interactive mode support for the License Manager’s command line operations. So, if the required parameters used in the command line mode for licensing the product are omitted...

Released: Sep 17, 2020

v13.3 中的更新


  • Added the ability to detect Code 39 and Code 39 Extended barcodes without start and stop patterns.
  • Improved barcode performance:
    • Increased algorithm speed by 5-20% for 1D barcodes.
    • Increased algorithm accuracy for Code 39, Code 39 Extended, and Patch Code barcode types.
  • Added support for Ubuntu 20.04.

Released: May 28, 2020

v13.2 中的更新


  • Added support for PLANET barcodes.

Released: Mar 10, 2020

v13.1 中的更新


  • Added a new Metered Licensing option, which allows applications to pull from a pool of purchased transactions instead of licensing each machine that uses the application.
  • Launched a new demo that shows how Barcode Xpress reads single and multiple barcodes on a document.
  • Introduced support for License Manager and Server Licensing Utility on all Java Runtime Environments 1.8 or later.

Released: Oct 21, 2019

v13.0 中的更新


  • Added support for MicroPDF417 Barcodes.
  • Added the AdditionalReadingPass property to scan the image a second time at a smaller resolution to potentially find more barcodes.
  • Accuracy improvements for Data Matrix and Code 39 barcodes.
  • Updated documentation with more explanations and code examples.

Released: Jan 10, 2019

v12.2 中的更新


  • Added support for a broader range of barcode types by adding UPU S18 4-State barcodes and Royal Post 4-State barcodes with variable length postal codes.
  • Improved accuracy for reading Code 128, Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code, and Code 39 barcodes.

Released: Aug 10, 2018

v12.1 中的更新


Improved speed and accuracy:

  • The code recognition engine has been refined to make the reading process faster and more accurate than ever

Expanded support for 64-bit Java versions:

  • Barcode Xpress now supports versions 6-10 of Java, for both Linux (including Ubuntu 14.04 and newer) and Windows

Support for additional barcode types:

  • The toolkit now supports more than 10 new barcode types, including Universal Postal Union (UPU) 4-state codes