Barcode Xpress Mobile 授權

倘若您需要討論您有關Barcode Xpress Mobile的許可要求,請聯絡我們Accusoft方面的許可專家。

Barcode Xpress Mobile requires that you purchase 1 license per developer, per distributed app.

Distribution License

  • Includes one developer license
  • Covers both Android and iOS Apps
  • Allows single App distribution on up to 100,000 devices through Android's Google Play store or Apple's App Store
  • Includes one year of support on the purchased version
  • Price includes a one time fee for the current version. Additional versions require additional purchases.
  • Limited to one developed App
  • New or additional Apps require additional fees

Please note: If your needs are not met by the above licensing criteria please contact for a quote.

Barcode Xpress Mobile requires that you have a signed license agreement between you and Accusoft before your license key will be issued. You will be contacted by our customer services team to arrange this.