dbForge Studio for MySQL 新版本發表

Released: Feb 2, 2021

V9.0.505 中的更新


  • Improved error outputting in Restore Database Wizard.
  • Enhanced UI with notification text when refactoring objects.
  • Improved display of tags for source objects in Documenter.
  • Modified the mechanism of reading metadata for events and triggers containing underscore in names on MariaDB Server.
  • Added support for the utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci coding.


  • Issue with freezing in the foreign keys editor.
  • Behavior with formatting the procedure body when refactoring objects.
  • Issue with unclosed connection to...

Released: Nov 25, 2020

V9.0.470 中的更新


  • Improved connection via SSL.


  • Fixed issue with connecting to Azure MySQL via SSL.
  • Fixed issue with processing Quick Info hints.

Released: Oct 10, 2020

V9.0.435 中的更新


  • Improved metadata retrieval when dragging and dropping a table in Query Builder.
  • Improved displaying empty values for the JSON data types in Data Editor.
  • Improved retrieval of incorrect constraints in Data Editor.
  • Improved modifying the comment text when changing the letter case.
  • Improved identifying unique keys when changing the editable table in Data Editor.
  • Improved displaying object lists in Object Viewer.
  • Improved Table Editor column Not Null tag.
  • Improved renaming of queries in a Data...

Released: Aug 17, 2020

V9.0.391 中的更新


  • Added the ability to disable animations.


  • Incorrect foreign keys comparison in case of cross-database reference.
  • Add 'lateral' as a reserved keyword.
  • Error on an attempt to read the non-existing column from the metadata for SYSTEM VERSIONING tables in MariaDB.
  • Error on processing variables with the same name in different scopes.
  • Add schema comparison option to ignore triggers on the target.
  • Incorrect precision of the TINYINT data type in schema synchronization script.
  • Remove inconsistent...

Released: Jun 23, 2020

V9.0.338 中的更新


  • Fixed problem with lost connection after 30 seconds.
  • Fixed problems with cache files.
  • Fixed problem with date and time format.
  • Fixed problem with DEFINER.

Released: May 15, 2020

V9.0.304 中的更新


  • Find Invalid Objects - This new feature allows you to search through database schemas for invalid objects that require recompilation.
  • Support for New Objects - Allows working with the following objects established in MariaDB 10.3:
    • Packages.
    • Sequences.
  • Connectivity Improvements
    • Connectivity support for MariaDB 10.5 and SkySQL has been implemented to ensure that the users of dbForge Studio for MySQL can work with the latest database engines and cloud database solutions.
    • The Property window now...

Released: Aug 6, 2019

V8.2.23 中的更新

Updates in V8.2.23

  • Problem with connection to Azure Database for MySQL is fixed (T289434).

Released: Jul 30, 2019

V8.2.21 中的更新


  • Support for Check Constraints for MySQL.


  • Fixed problem with script generation.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect foreign key creation.
  • Fixed problem with procedure debugging.
  • Fixed problem with Excel data export.

Released: Jan 15, 2019

V8.1.22 中的更新


  • Added support for MariaDB 10.4.


  • Fixed issue in Data Viewer PDF view mode.
  • Fixed issue in Data Viewer Spatial view mode.
  • Fixed issue with comparison of objects names with different cases.
  • Fxied problem in Data Population Wizard.
  • Fixed problem in SQL Document.

Released: Jun 21, 2018

V8.0.40 中的更新


  • Support for MySQL Server 8.0 - dbForge Studio for MySQL provides full support for all features of MySQL Server 8.0.
  • Connectivity support for MariaDB v10.3 - dbForge Studio for MySQL allows you to connect and work with MariaDB v10.3.
  • Connection support for Tencent Cloud - Connect to Tencent Cloud, a relational database cloud service that allows deploying and using MySQL databases in the cloud.
  • Keywords Navigation - Navigate between keywords in SQL Editor. To navigate between keywords, you can...