Enterprise Architect Desktop Edition

Enterprise Architect Desktop Edition is a cost effective solution for UML and business process modeling, visualization and test management. It is targeted at the individual analyst or developer that requires a flexible modeling environment with support for end to end traceability from mind mapping through to requirements and deployment. The Desktop Edition supports version control integration and profile/meta-model extensibility coupled with HTML and rich text report generation. Access to the Automation interface gives other applications the ability to create, access and modify Enterprise Architect UML elements. Use mind maps to represent ideas, tasks and key concepts organized around a central theme as an aid to problem solving and structured decision making. EAP project files are used to store and capture UML 2.5 models that can be used to visualize, inspect and understand complex software.


Enterprise Architect Desktop Edition 13.5
Enterprise Architect Desktop Edition 13.5
August 2, 2017新版本
Enterprise Architect 13.0
Enterprise Architect 13.0
January 3, 2017新版本
One software license is required per user。 Available in both 'Standard Editions' and 'Suite Editions', Enterprise Architect is ideal for a wide range of projects, team sizes and target platforms...


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