HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint 新版本發表

Released: Apr 14, 2021

16.10 中的更新


  • Optimized preprocessor report data for faster execution.
  • Added session duration policy (default value is 20 minutes).
  • Added support for document and list metadata lookup fields.
  • Added tool to export/import analytics settings using the command line.
  • Added tool to simplify the editing of user reports.


  • Fixed: data collection algorithm for Sites and Lists size reports for big volumes of data.
  • Fixed: error while attempt to connect already connected database.
  • Minor fixes.

Released: Jan 6, 2021

16.9 中的更新


  • Added: List item and document metadata collection. Corresponding fields will be added to all reports automatically (if data exists).
  • Added: The ability to add custom reports. Custom reports act as regular built-in reports: they can be added to web parts, included in subscriptions and you can assign access rights to them.
  • Added: New skipadditionalfieldsformultifarm policy which is on by default to avoid problems with custom fields in AD, User profiles, List item metadata and Document metadata...

Released: Nov 3, 2020

16.8 中的更新


  • Added: Modified field in Documents popularity report showing the latest document modification date.
  • Added: Geodata (country code and city) for the Pageviews report.
  • Added: Drill-down to the Pageviews report from the Visits by countries report.
  • Added: Page trend report as a drill-down form Content popularity report showing the usage trend of the particular page.
  • Added: Report period selection for subscriptions can be set as a relative offset to the current date for the Performance report...

Released: Jul 20, 2020

16.7 中的更新


  • Added: Modern Page web part.
  • Added: New policies for modern web parts - "restCacheLimit" to configure the cache size accessible by HarePoint Analytics reports.
  • Added: Database version check before "Processor of message queue" timer job starts. If the version of the database does not correspond with the version of the required libraries the timer job does not start.
  • Updated: Mobile devices, browsers, and platforms parsers.
  • Updated: Geolocation database download link.
  • Added: Setting for report...

Released: Dec 24, 2019

16.6 中的更新


  • The product performance has been significantly enhanced with totally new 'Periodic data collection' timer job.
  • Two policies for 'Periodic data collection' have been added:
    • incrementalCrawler - defines a method which the timer job uses for the data collection: Full or Incremental. The policy is Inactive by default that means timer job collects full data each time.
    • crawlerThreadCount - sets up the number of threads for a farm's scope data collection. Value '1' is used by default.
  • Filtering by...

Released: Jun 17, 2019 中的更新


  • Data collection on usage of the Search on web-sites with modern user interface is now supported in Sharepoint 2019.
  • New policy to allow data collection activation and deactivation by farm admin only has been added.
    (When this policy is not used - both Farm Admin and Site Collection Owner can manage data collection for the site collection.)
  • Changes in HarePoint Analytics timer jobs operation: now 'Processor of message queue' timer job is not disabled while 'Preliminary data preparation' timer...

Released: Jan 5, 2019 中的更新


  • The monthly data processing scripts have been optimized for speed.
  • The daily data processing algorithm has been changed to prevent data loss in previous days' reports if processing of new daily data ends with exception
  • 'tempdb' and 'transaction log' have been optimized for a large volume of unprocessed data.
  • Fonts and chart design for all reports have been changed.
  • Changed font and chart design for all reports exported to PDF.
  • The filtering for Active directory and SharePoint User profile...

Released: Sep 10, 2018 中的更新


  • Option to compare data in two data ranges is added in the reports now.
  • Excel worksheet password protection is added to the report exporting rules.
  • The Pageviews report data processing is optimized for the speedy work.
  • The product keeps the selected data range when you navigate across reports now.
  • Content type data is collected for documents now (the policy 'stsadm -o mlstsetpolicy -collectcontenttypes true' should be activated).
  • All changes in data collection filters are logged now.


  • The...

Released: Mar 12, 2018 中的更新

Updates in v16.2.0.0

New reports on SharePoint Social Features have been added:

  • Users social activity
  • List items popularity by rating
  • List items social usage
  • Documents social popularity
  • Documents social usage
  • Blog posts popularity
  • Blog posts usage
  • Discussions popularity
  • Discussions usage
  • Community site summary

Improvements and fixes:

  • The data processing for 'Unused documents' report is optimized.
  • The templates #CURRENT_USERNAME# and #CURRENT_USERLOGIN# have been added in the filters of the...

Released: Apr 3, 2017

16.1.0 中的更新


  • It's now possible to extend the set of collected data from Active directory and SharePoint User profile, the data can be displayed in the product reports and can be used for filtering.
  • Additional column has been added to all reports: it contains Web-site URL.


  • The list of the document library folders is displayed now accordingly to current user permissions when a subscription to the reports is created.(it can be turned off with the policy 'usesecuredexporttree').
  • A new policy...