ImageGear PDF

ImageGear PDF lets you add annotation, conversion, compression, and PDF manipulation capabilities to your application. You can integrate the ability to merge, insert or remove pages, reorder pages, and more.

ImageGear PDF Features

  • Conversion - No matter where the document originates, the PDF SDK allows developers to add conversion functionality from a myriad of different file types to PDF or vice versa, depending on the end-user’s need.
  • Compression - Improve the overall size of saved PDF documents by reducing or removing data structures in a PDF document. Compress original PDF files by up to 45 percent, saving valuable space in your storage. ImageGear PDF analyzes the elements to apply optimal...


ImageGear PDF v26.3
ImageGear PDF v26.3
添加將 PDF 文件轉換為 PDF/A-2b 的功能。
ImageGear PDF v25.2
ImageGear PDF v25.2
ImageGear PDF v25.1
ImageGear PDF v25.1
包括處理字體屬性的 OCR 改進。
ImageGear PDF v25.0
ImageGear PDF v25.0
改進了 OCR API 和 PostScript 庫。
One developer license is required per developer per platform。 Run-time NOT royalty free。 ImageGear PDF Support Plans: Standard Support is included in the annual contract price for Toolkits and Runtime...


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