ImageGear for C and C++

ImageGear for C and C++ allows you to quickly integrate document handling functions including image conversion, metadata handling, creation, editing, annotations, and viewing to your applications. These functions are supported for over 100 different formats including JPG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, PDF, SVG, CAD (DWG, DGN, etc), Medical DICOM (DCM), and many more. ImageGear for C and C++ toolkit also has integrated support for many document processing and acquisition capabilities such as OCR to PDF, OCR to Word, file compression, document cleanup, image processing, printing, scanning, and barcode recognition.

Every Imaging Function You Need from a Toolkit
This SDK includes functions for scanning, compression, viewing, annotation, printing, image editing, PDF, OCR, color image processing, and more.

User-Friendly Source Code Samples and Technical Documentation
This toolkit features enhanced technical documentation and sample source code with common use cases to help you get started.

Document Management, Image Capture, and Scanning
Cleanup, convert, print, or OCR scanned documents for archiving...


ImageGear for C and C++ v19.9
ImageGear for C and C++ v19.9
添加新的「寬鬆語法」PDF API 以忽略 PDF 檔中會發生的輕微分析錯誤。
ImageGear for C and C++ v19.4
ImageGear for C and C++ v19.4
添加對 Visual Studio 2019 的支援,並改進了對 PDF 呈現和 PDF 格式的支援。
ImageGear C\C++ (Pro) v19.3
ImageGear C\C++ (Pro) v19.3
增強了多個圖像到 PDF 的轉換,並改進了 Postscript 字體的呈現。
ImageGear C\C++ (Pro) v19.2
ImageGear C\C++ (Pro) v19.2
添加 PDF 壓縮並提高了性能。
ImageGear C\C++ (Pro)  v19.1
ImageGear C\C++ (Pro) v19.1
添加了對 ABIC 和 JBIG2 壓縮的支援,並添加了與 Windows Server 2016 的相容性。
ImageGear Professional v19.0
ImageGear Professional v19.0
Adds new samples and simplified installation process.

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