MadCap Central April 2021

Released: Apr 7, 2021

April 2021 中的更新


  • Image and Table Support for Cloud-based Contribution and Review - You can now add images as well as add and edit tables when working on contributions and reviews in the Cloud using MadCap Central’s lightweight editor.
  • New Build Profile Dialog includes Build Details and Actions - A new dialog has been added to see detailed information about a particular build for a target.
    • Overview
      • Displays the following information:
        • Build timeline and progress.
        • User who generated it.
        • Project Commit ID.
        • Linked sites.
    • Settings
      • Manage build settings such as setting builds as “keep.”
    • View and Download Log
      • Displays the log for the build, with tabs showing messages, warnings and errors.
    • View Output
      • Opens the output for the build.
    • Download Build
      • Downloads the output files for the build into a ZIP file.
    • Delete Build
      • Lets you remove the build from the grid permanently.
  • Horizontal Scrolling in Grids - Easily access all columns in grids with new horizontal scroll capability.
  • Site Avatars - Avatars for sites are now automatically generated and displayed on the Sites page. Each avatar displays up to the first three characters of the site’s name, and can be manually edited anytime.