ScanFix Xpress .NET

ScanFix Xpress .NET improves image quality and increases content recognition accuracy by applying image processing and enhancements to color, grayscale, and black and white images. ScanFix Xpress provides brightness/contrast correction, clean up of noisy colors, color detection, color drop out or color extract, plus many additional image cleanup features. Remove lines and dot shading, smooth and repair characters, and eliminate unnecessary borders. An Auto Binarize operation easily converts images from color or grayscale to black and white. ScanFix Xpress includes the ImagXpress component, and integrates easily with other Accusoft Pegasus components to create document capture systems.

ScanFix Xpress Features

  • Color Detect & Auto Binarize
    • Mix color and black & white images in a single scanning job with accurate color detection and intelligent conversion. Prep pages for post-scan processing with these features:
      • Cleans up noise and variations with specific colors in 24-bit color images.
      • Flattens each color region to a specific color by adjusting each color region to its center point.
      • Offers an automatic mode to clean dominant colors or specify color list.
      • Removes JPEG...


ScanFix Xpress .NET v9.0
ScanFix Xpress .NET v9.0
添加新的 NuGet 安裝包以及文件更新和改進。
ScanFix Xpress .NET Improves Accuracy
ScanFix Xpress .NET Improves Accuracy
New version Improves accuracy of post-scan processing.
ScanFix Xpress .NET improves Document Processing
ScanFix Xpress .NET improves Document Processing
Remove hole punch marks, despeckle and correct inverse text in documents.
ScanFix Xpress .NET adds 64-bit support
ScanFix Xpress .NET adds 64-bit support
Version 6.0 adds automatic color detection and binarization, color drop and virtual bulb.

價格從: $ 2,940.00

One software license is required per machine。 Run-time NOT royalty free。 'Client' and 'Server' are general industry terms that might be interpreted in different ways。 Accusoft Pegasus defines 'Client'...


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