SmartZone ICR/OCR Professional

SmartZone’s advanced zonal character recognition technology allows you to capture typed (OCR) or handwritten (ICR) data from specified fields in a document image or support full page OCR in your application. Optimize recognition with data matching/lookup, regular expressions, and custom character sets, and set confidence values to control when operators should review results.

SmartZone ICR/OCR Features

  • Languages ICR/OCR - The software recognizes several languages including English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. It can simultaneously recognize characters from all supported languages.
  • Recognition
    • Pre-defined character sets include uppercase, lowercase, mixed case alphabetic, digits, currency, and punctuation.
    • Can be limited to any customer-defined subset of the full character sets.
    • Return confidence values...


SmartZone ICR/OCR v7.2
SmartZone ICR/OCR v7.2
January 11, 2023新版本
SmartZone ICR/OCR v7.1
SmartZone ICR/OCR v7.1
July 14, 2022新版本
添加對 OCR-A 字體和國際日期格式的支援。
SmartZone ICR/OCR Professional v7.0
SmartZone ICR/OCR Professional v7.0
April 27, 2022新版本
添加對 Microsoft .NET Standard 2.0 的支援,以及對載入 8 位、24 位和 32 位映像的支援。
SmartZone ICR/OCR Professional v6.1
SmartZone ICR/OCR Professional v6.1
July 20, 2021新版本
SmartZone OCR 添加對中歐語、西瑞爾語、亞洲語和波羅的語的支援。
SmartZone v6.0
SmartZone v6.0
May 4, 2021新版本
改進了多執行緒,允許您與多個執行緒共用一個 OCR 實例。
SmartZone OCR improves Processing Speed
SmartZone OCR improves Processing Speed
January 2, 2013特別功能發表
Significantly faster processing for multiple OCR zones.

價格從: $ 2,940.00

One software license is required per machine。 Run-time NOT royalty free。 'Client' and 'Server' are general industry terms that might be interpreted in different ways。 Pegasus defines 'Client' machines...


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