Telerik Test Studio Ultimate 授權

倘若您需要討論您有關Telerik Test Studio Ultimate的許可要求,請聯絡我們Telerik方面的許可專家。

One software license is required per machine.

Test Studio is offered with a Floating User License with Subscription and Priority Support which gives a specific machine rights to build, modify and execute tests. The Floating User License with Subscription and Priority Support offers free updates and priority support for 1 year.

There are no restrictions on the number of users who work with the same Test Studio or Test Studio Run-Time license as long as the software is used on the licensed machine only and only one user is using the software at any given time. Please note, however, that only 1 user per license will be allowed to access the support system if a support package is included.

Redistribution rights are not included with Test Studio and Test Studio Run-Time licenses.

Add-ons (Require that you already own or are also purchasing a license for Test Studio Web & Desktop, or Test Studio Ultimate).

  • Runtime
    • If you just need to run tests, not create or edit them, then you can opt for a Test Studio Run-Time license.
    • Designed to run tests build with Test Studio on computers that do not have the Test Studio license installed.
    • Test Studio Run-Time is offered with a Run-Time License which gives a specific machine rights to execute tests, not create or modify them.
    • The Test Studio Run-Time license can be used on Continuous Integration Server machines and Test Lab machines where test execution is all that is needed.
  • Virtual User Packs for Load Testing
    Good upfront load testing can save money throughout the application lifecycle and help deploy a mission-critical application with the confidence it will stand up over the expected user load.
    • 100 Virtual Users
    • 1,000 Virtual Users
    • 10,000 Virtual Users