Telerik UI for WinUI 新版本發表

Released: May 11, 2022

R2 2022 (2.0.0) 中的更新


  • Added new RadPdfViewer control that enables you to view PDF documents within your WinUI for Desktop application.
  • Added new RadTabControl which is a top-level navigation control organized as a set of tabs, each one providing a Header and Content.
  • Added Microsoft Windows App Sdk 1.0.3 version support.
  • Chart
    • Added support for minor ticks in Cartesian and Polar charts.
    • CartesianChartGrid and PolarChartGrid now provide support for minor gridlines and minor stripes.
  • PdfProcessing
    • Added support for...

Released: Mar 25, 2022

R1 2022 SP1 (1.2.0) 中的更新


  • What's New
    • Added Microsoft Windows App SDK 1.0.1 support.
  • DateTimePicker
    • Improved default look to match the styles of Windows App SDK version 1.0 (Windows 11 inspired).


  • DataGrid
    • Dates in the DataGridDateColumn are not correctly formatted for some cultures.
    • DataGridCurrencyControl, which is expected to be shown when navigating with the keyboard, is not visible.

Released: Feb 23, 2022

R1 2022 SP1 (1.1.0) 中的更新


  • What's New
    • Added a RadHeatMap control, used to visualize numeric data in a matrix-like representation along two axes. Its purpose is to present the data in colored rectangles where the color of each represents the rectangle's value which makes it easy to perceive and compare all values.
  • Map
    • Flattened the default look of the Pushpin element of the control - the path data is now updated and its fill color, too.
  • PdfProcessing
    • Added support for Type 3 fonts.
    • Added support for digital signatures...

Released: Jan 19, 2022

R1 2022 (1.0.0) 中的更新


  • What's New
    • Added RadDropDownButton and RadSplitButton in the suite of UI button components. The RadDropDownButton provides a menu-like interface model within a button. The RadSplitButton extends the dropdownbutton's functionality with an action area like in a standard button. It also implements an IsChecked state.
    • SpreadProcessing library now supports Conditional Formatting enabling users to add visual formatting to cells, based on data-driven rules.
    • Added Nested Mail Merge functionality in...

Released: Dec 20, 2021

R3 2021 SP1 (0.7.1) 中的更新


  • Improved Telerik UI for WinUI (Desktop) styles to be consistent with the latest changes in styles delivered with 'Microsoft.WindowsAppSDK' Version='1.0.0' across the UI components.


  • MSI installer is not signed.

Released: Nov 17, 2021

R3 2021 SP1 (0.7.0) 中的更新


  • Added support for Microsoft Windows App SDK version 1.0 (stable release) for WinUI in Desktop.

Released: Nov 10, 2021

R3 2021 SP1 (0.6.0) 中的更新


  • Added Microsoft Windows App SDK (Project Reunion) 0.8.5 support for WinUI in Desktop version.
  • Visualize app notifications, show statuses, and short messages to provide additional contextual information with the new Badge component. Choose from a variety of types such as Available, OutOfOffice, Offline, DoNotDisturb, Away and etc. Can be used as standalone control or with BadgeView hosting the element which needs attached badge.
  • PdfProcessing
    • Now handles importing documents containing entries...

Released: Sep 15, 2021

R3 2021 (0.5.0) 中的更新


  • The RadMaskedInput control allows you to enter text, numbers, dates, emails, IP addresses that conform to a given mask.
  • A new RadMap component for visualization of rich geographical information, user-defined geometrical and shape data, and smooth zooming and panning. Build-in integration with Bing Maps, Open Street Maps, ArcGIS and local imagery services. Support for geocoding, routing, elevation, truck routing, search and reading of all popular shapefile formats: KML, SQL Geospacial, ESRI...

Released: Jul 29, 2021

R2 2021 SP1 (0.4.0) 中的更新


  • A new RadDataForm component that presents the data in a form layout and provides an out-of-the-box UI for navigating, adding, deleting and editing items in the data collection.
  • The new RadGridSplitter control allows you to resize the columns or rows of a Grid control by simply dragging the splitter.
  • Introduced the RadUniformGrid control - a responsive layout control that arranges items in an evenly-spaced set of rows or columns to fill the total available display space.
  • Introduced Microsoft...

Released: Jun 16, 2021

R2 2021 SP1 (0.3.0) 中的更新


  • What's New
    • Introduced a new, user-friendly RadDateTimePicker component for choosing both date and time elements by using infinite looping for navigation through the separate elements.
    • RadDatePicker is a new control for picking only date elements (month/day/year).
    • A new LoopingList component allows users to visualize a list of data items that can be scrolled infinitely with great performance.
    • Introduced a SegmentedControl which allows you to display a list of horizontally aligned, mutually...