Telerik UI for WinUI R3 2021 (0.5.0)

Released: Sep 15, 2021

R3 2021 (0.5.0) 中的更新


  • The RadMaskedInput control allows you to enter text, numbers, dates, emails, IP addresses that conform to a given mask.
  • A new RadMap component for visualization of rich geographical information, user-defined geometrical and shape data, and smooth zooming and panning. Build-in integration with Bing Maps, Open Street Maps, ArcGIS and local imagery services. Support for geocoding, routing, elevation, truck routing, search and reading of all popular shapefile formats: KML, SQL Geospacial, ESRI Shapefile.
  • RadExpander is a flexible control that helps you save space and achieve easier navigation through your application.
  • The RadDataBar control is an information graphic, which is characterized by small size, excellent performance, and lightweight. The RadDataBar is designed to visually represent numeric values.
  • RadSparkline is a set of controls that show an information graphic. The controls are characterized by small size, excellent performance and are lightweight. The sparkline is mainly used to outline trends. However, it is very flexible in terms of data points generation and can contain from just a few points to as many as thousands of data points.
  • The new EventToCommandBehavior allows you to bind an event to an ICommand in the view model.


  • Barcode
    • ArgumentException when the ErrorCorrectionLevel of the QRCode is changed.
    • ArgumentNullException when measuring Product1D code with ShowText set to False.
    • DataMatrix is not rendered correctly.
  • GridSplitter
    • The mouse cursor doesn't change while dragging it if the GridSplitter was initially collapsed.
  • Scheduler
    • There is not enough space for the elements inside the Edit Recurrence dialog, resulting to the Important icon being cut off.