TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Enterprise 新版本發表

Released: Jun 3, 2022

30.0 SP2 中的更新


Text Filters

  • Combination of TextFrame and Image with insertion mode fixed position on page leads to 01-1D09 when exporting to DOCX.
  • Error 01-1D09 when saving a document with an ApplicationField with FORMTEXT field type.
  • DOC: Formatting styles are not exported.
  • DOC Export: Style based on [Normal] will be based on Normal after export.
  • HTML: Overlapping text after saving a document as HTML.


  • German Resources: Word is missing in "Page Setup" dialog in the "Headers and Footers" tab...

Released: Feb 10, 2022

30.0 SP1 中的更新



  • QAT: Checked Quick Access toolstrip items are not displayed as checked.
  • Typo in the Track Changes tooltip.

Text Filters

  • CSS import: Font shorthand property is parsed incorrectly.
  • DOCX/DOC/RTF import: Out of range line spacing values.
  • Form fields are moved outside of table cells when saving.
  • PDF documents cannot be signed anymore.
  • Error 01-1D09 when loading specific Microsoft Excel file.
  • DOCX: only TOC title is exported for TOC with hyperlinks.
  • DOCX Export: Style based on [Normal...

Released: Nov 29, 2021

30.0 中的更新



  • Comments - Enable professional, Microsoft Word compatible collaboration features in your applications. Different authors can add comments to all text ranges and attach Word compatible comments to tracked changes. Comments can be imported and exported from and to Word formats including Office Open XML, DOC and RTF.
    • Visual sidebar to edit comments and replies.
    • Fully featured ribbon group for comments.
    • Add comments from context menu and ribbon bar.
    • Link comments to tracked changes...

Released: Jul 21, 2021

X19 SP3 中的更新



  • Image can only be positioned in the left edge of header after the second call.


  • Cannot extract AcroForm fields when using Microsoft .NET Core 3.1.
  • MailMerge: If data is in UPPERCASE and field property format is set to "First capital", the merged field content is still in UPPERCASE.


  • TX Words crash after enabling spelling and entering a space.


  • EditableRegion is extended to the following text after using Undo.

Text Fields

  • Unify character formatting...

Released: Apr 21, 2021

X19 SP2 中的更新



  • The FindItem method for RibbonPermissionsTab and RibbonReferencesTab expects incorrect enumeration values as a parameter.
  • Exception "Parameter is not valid" in RibbonReportingTab.

Text Filters

  • Link stops working if document is exported to PDF.
  • Text is displayed in white and not visible in DOCX document.
  • Image is not displayed in DOCX document.
  • Document causes 01-2431 error.
  • DOCX filter issue with font inheritance.
  • Microsoft Excel Filter: 1-1D09 error when loading file.
  • Paragraph...

Released: Jan 26, 2021

X19 SP1 中的更新


  • Text filters
    • Bulleted list is not saved in DOCX format.
    • DOC import: Document causes 01-1D04 error.
    • Bullets are displayed as a box with question marks.
    • FormFields in fixed positioned TextFrames are not exported to PDF.
  • Selection
    • RTF document with is not loaded correctly when using Selection.Load.
  • Dialog Boxes
    • SpellCheck dialog remains in the background when setting TopMost to true.
  • Styles
    • ParagraphFormat.BackColor and ParagraphFormat.FrameLineColor cannot be set.
  • Images
    • ImageCreated Event...

Released: Dec 2, 2020

X19 中的更新


  • Table of Contents - A table of contents is based on used styles (such as headings) in a document.
    • You can insert a fully-featured table of contents automatically based on inserted contents and the defined paragraph styles.
    • The new ribbon tab References can be used to insert one or more tables of contents at the current input position. A dialog box is used to define the specified levels that should be included into the list. Additionally, you can define whether page numbers and tab leaders are...

Released: Oct 21, 2020

X18 SP4 中的更新



  • First capital capitalization does not work for field text.
  • BackColor is lost during MailMerge.

Text filters

  • DOCX import:
  • Document causes 01-1D02 error.
  • Character background color is set for the whole paragraph when exporting to HTML.


  • Disabled RibbonButton is enabled in the QuickAccessToolbar.
  • ApplicationMenuItems should inherit the Font settings from the Ribbon main control.
  • A table can be added into a protected field through the ribbon.
  • ApplicationMenuHelpPaneItems are not...

Released: Jul 30, 2020

X18 SP3 中的更新


  • HTML export: long style names cause an exception.
  • PDF export: Document causes 01-1D09 error.
  • Document causes System.AccessViolation if you load the document with FormattingPrinter "Standard".

Released: May 27, 2020

X18 SP2 中的更新


Far East

  • Input via Chinese IME leads to System.AccessViolation.


  • PDF export: Links to bookmarks do not work.


  • Merging an INCLUDETEXT field in a nested block causes a NullPointerException.


  • "Insert Custom Merge Block" causes NullReferenceException in WinForms Ribbon.
  • System.ArgumentException if Conditional Instructions dialog is opened.
  • Insert Page break in tables via ribbon button causes different result than shortcut Ctrl + Enter.

Text Fields

  • MailMerge: Returning a...