WordMLToFO Stylesheet

WordMLToFO Stylesheet is the XSLT stylesheet that transforms the new Microsoft Word2003 file format called "WordML" into FO XML files which are compliant with W3C recommendation "Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)". Using this stylesheet WordMLToFO, you can generate FO files from WordML documents for any purpose.

What is WordML?

WordML is formally called "Wordprocessor Markup Language". Until now Microsoft Word has the main native file format called binary format (.doc extension) or Rich Text format (.rtf extension). WordML has an XML file format and is called fully compatible like these native file formats. In addition, WordML has the following features.

  • Unlike the binary format, the specification of WordML is published
  • You can embed user schema tags in WordML which is impossible in RTF or binary format...
One software license is required per machine。 Run-time royalty free。


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