PureCM.com is a software company providing solutions for software configuration management and development collaboration. It has been successful in this market since 2004, offering a powerful cross-platform source control and issue tracking tool called PureCM. The company focuses on delivering cost efficient solutions to development teams that need to combine flexible configuration management with maximum process transparency.

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We no longer sell PureCM.com products, please visit their web site instead.

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Charter House, Charter Way
SK10 2NG
United Kingdom

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PureCM 2010-2b adds permissions menu
New permissions menu on project items allows security updates without going to the stream.
PureCM adds 64-bit Windows installers
2010-2 release also features background processing of automatic merge rules and Visual Studio enhancements.
PureCM improves Resolve Tool
2010-1e release adds undo toolbar button and other enhancements to Resolve Tool.
PureCM adds SQL Server support
2010-1d release also offers integration with the Visual Studio progress bar.
PureCM adds Visual Studio 2010 support
2010-1 release also features new Projects View, dashboard for role-based notifications and SQLite database support.