Stylus Studio 2010 XML released

Introduces SOAP 1.2 support, plus wider data source support and enhancements to XQuery and XML converters.
October 07, 2009 - 0:00
Feature Release

Stylus Studio's XML IDE provides XML developers and data integration specialists with a comprehensive toolset for managing XML data transformation and aggregation. Provides graphical XML mappers, code generators, unique backmapping technology, integrated debugging and state-of-the-art profilers.

Stylus Studio 2010 XML is available in the following editions:

Updates in 2010

XQuery Enhancements — The XQuery module provides several important enhancements:

  • XQuery Code Refactoring — Stylus Studio can automatically create a local function from selected code, and then replace that code with a call to that local function.
  • Importing XQuery Modules — A new user interface helps you manage XQuery module imports in your XQuery code.
  • Visual Support for Updating Relational Data Sources — SQL insert, update, and delete operations can now be created using drag-and-drop in XQuery Mapper.
  • Register Custom URI Resolvers — A new user interface lets you register Collection, Module, and Document URI resolvers.
  • Support for XQJ 1.0 — The XQuery module now supports the XQuery API for Java (XQJ) Version 1.0.
  • New Navigational Features — Go To, Find All References, and Rename short-cut menu items simplify working with XQuery Code.

XML Converters Enhancements — The XML Converters have numerous enhancements in Stylus Studio 2010:

  • Support for Cargo-IMP — The Cargo-IMP IATA EDI dialect is now supported.
  • Support for New EDI Releases — DataDirect XML Converters provides support for these releases of currently supported EDI dialects:
  • IATA 08-1
  • X12 006010
  • Intra-segment validation — The EDI to XML Module now supports intra-segment validation for EANCOM, EDIFACT, HIPAA, X12 and CARGO EDI dialects using the Syntax Rules property in the Select XML Converter Properties dialog box.
  • Open-ended Codelist Support — You can now suspend codelist validation for specific codelist tables by adding a special value to the codelist table. And a new Quick Fix option in the EDI-to-XML Editor allows you suspend codelist validation on-the-fly, while editing a SEF file.

Use ZIP, JAR, MS Open Office, and OpenDocument Format as Data Sources — Stylus Studio 2010 allows you to use XML stored in ZIP, JAR, Microsoft Open Office, and OpenDocument Format as data sources in XQuery Mapper and XSLT Mapper.

Support for SOAP 1.2 — The Web Service Call Composer now supports SOAP 1.2.

About DataDirect Technologies

DataDirect Technologies is the industry leader in data connectivity. Our standards-based technology ensures consistent behavior and performance across diverse environments such as J2EE, .NET, Web Services, and client/server. With the most comprehensive support for ODBC, JDBC, and dynamic XML/relational data transformation, we provide the easiest experience connecting software to data. This helps customers bring applications to market faster by speeding development, integration and deployment—no matter what the standard, platform, or data source.

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