Xtreme Skin Framework adds alpha bitmaps

Codejock Xtreme Skin Framework 2009 Vol 4 supports alpha bitmaps in menus for Windows 7/Vista.
June 08, 2010 - 16:37
Feature Release

Codejock Xtreme SkinFramework provides Windows developers with a highly sophisticated application skinning framework technology that was developed with Windows Themes (Visual Styles) in mind. Achieving a completely themed application can be accomplished with only a few lines of code. Codejock Xtreme SkinFramework provides maximum compatibility with existing Windows XP and higher Visual Styles that can be used on any Windows platform. Several predefined Visual Styles are provided, including Office 2007, Windows XP Royale Blue and Windows XP Luna style.

The following editions are available:

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Updates in 2009 Vol 4

  • Fixed appearance for Open/Save dialogs in Windows 7
  • Added support Alpha bitmaps in Menu for Windows 7/Vista
  • Added support mask for ExcludeModule: ExcludeModule("FLASH*")
  • Fixed problem with Maximized Child frame on Windows 7
  • SkinFramework didn't redraw frame after WM_SETICON
  • Allow .NET users to set BackColor for TextBox and ListBox
  • Fixed Alt conflict of CommandBars and SkinFramework

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Codejock Software formed in 1998 with the simple goal of making software development easier and cost effective. Its primary focus was to provide Windows developers with professional user interface components for their desktop applications. Today, Codejock continues to lead the way by providing cutting-edge interface components that empower customers with the tools to quickly deliver a polished presentation. Its products are used by thousands of customers around the globe helping them to save time and money as they produce professional applications.

A selection of UI elements with Vista and Office 2007 skins.

Codejock Skin Framework Visual C++ MFC

Create a completely skinned application that can be used on any Windows platform.

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