UModel adds SQL database modeling

Altova UModel 2011 adds features to model popular relational databases, plus Teamwork support.
September 13, 2010 - 8:03
Feature Release

Altova UModel Professional Edition is an easy-to-use UML modeling tool. Visually design application models and generate Java, C# or VB.NET code and project documentation. Altova UModel Professional Edition also lets you reverse engineer existing programs into UML 2.1 diagrams then fine tune your designs and complete the round trip by regenerating code. UModel makes visual software design practical for any project.

The following editions are available:

Altova UModel is also available as part of Altova MissionKit 2011 for Enterprise Software Architects.

Updates in 2011

  • Modeling SQL databases
    As software applications interact with growing amounts of data, database designs and structures become critical to development of successful projects. UModel 2011 extends its software modeling functionality by adding a set of features to model popular relational databases along with programming language-based applications.
  • Teamwork support
    Large software projects are often divided among multiple developers to shorten development cycles. This is especially useful for projects that must integrate with complex hardware interfaces or industry-specific standards. The graphical communication benefits of UML software modeling multiply as more developers work on a project, since the design representation of various sub-projects enhances communication across the development team. UModel 2011 supports teams working on large projects by allowing projects to be split up into multiple subprojects. Individual developers may simultaneously edit different parts of a single project. Each individual subproject can be added to a source control system. The top-level project, i.e., the project from which the subprojects are created, is the main project. Subprojects are created on the package level as individual UModel project files and have a *.ump extension. The screen shot below shows the UModel 2011 Model Tree helper window for a project that includes several sub-projects. Each subproject is identified by its individual file name. The UModel Generate Documentation feature allows users to optionally include subprojects in generated documentation, offering flexibility for individual developers to generate documentation for their own subprojects, and for project managers to automatically generate documentation for the full application.
  • 3-way project merge
    Starting with UModel 2011, a single UModel project can be split into multiple subprojects that can be edited by independent developers, with support check-in/check-out in source control systems. If multiple developers work independently on the same project file, a three-way merge allows them to easily combine changes into a single result.
  • State machine diagram, sequence diagram, and communication diagram enhancements
    UModel 2011 includes new features to support operation call/event editing, and automatic creation of operations in transitions. Transitions in state machine diagrams can be selected from operations of a referenced class. Additionally, a new toolbar button for all three diagram types allows the user to enter a transition/message name and automatically create a corresponding operation in the referenced class.

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An example process diagram generated with Altova Umodel.

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