TeeChart Pro adds multi task dashboards

TeeChart Pro ActiveX v2010 can be used to create multi task dashboards and adds Unicode input/output support.
November 12, 2010 - 17:01
Feature Release

TeeChart Pro ActiveX is a charting control for ActiveX aware programming environments such as Microsoft Office, Visual Studio's VB, VC++ and ASP, including Visual Studio.NET (VB.NET, C#). TeeChart ActiveX charting architecture and feature set has been built through years of interactive development with customers to create a charting component that offers an effective intuitive and timesaving programming interface. Steema TeeChart ActiveX Pro v2010 includes advanced features like create a Windows AVI standard video file from a Chart, playing videos (AVI, MPEG, DivX, etc) inside a Chart background, automatic map drawing, IsoSurface Series to draw a 3D surface mesh from a grid of XYZ points and many more. TeeChart ActiveX offers 25 Editor languages and is Unicode compliant for multi-characterset support, including double-byte languages, for true global application development. TeeChart ActiveX renders in most popular Graphics formats including JPEG, PNG and WMF/EMF and also generates Flex compiled code for on-the-fly Flash image generation, live with inline animations. TeeChart ActiveX can be used to create multi task dashboards.

Updates in v2010

  • Unicode support
    TeeChart ActiveX 2010 now supports Unicode input/output for all versions. Languages may changed for all single and double-byte charactersets at design and/or runtime.
  • Create a dashboard
    TeeChart Pro ActiveX can be used to create a multi task dashboard.
  • New Series types
    KnobGauge Series, Rose Series, Ternary Series, Treemap Series
  • New Functions
    PercentageChange function, Slope function, MoneyFlow Skewness, Kurtosis, Smoothed Moving Average, ATR (Average True Range), RVI (Relative Vigor Index), AO (Awesome Oscillator), AC (Acclerator/Declerator Oscillator), Alligator, Gator Oscillator
  • New Components
    GDI+ component.
  • New in Chart Legend
    Text-Symbol gap, Legend max. rows.
  • New in Series
    Marks Font Series Color, Marks on Bar, YOrigin for Histogram, Org Series with HTML Format, Smoothed Series, Embedded Numeric Gauge, Embedded Linear Gauge, Custom Embedding, ArrowSeries Transparency, New ArrowSeries Pointer Gradient, Polar Series Zoom, New Style option for DrawAllPoints property, Candle Series configurable Open and Close Tick Pen, CircularGauge Total displayed segment size option, Editable CircularGauge 3 part Frame, 2D Bar and Horiz.Bar with rounded corners.
  • New in Axes
    Axis Grid zones, Axis Labels behind, GridCentered with GridBand, Axis Labels now retrievable after discarding Custom Labels, New in Components: Editor Options, TeeCommander RotateInertia (similar to TRotateTool.Inertia property).
  • New in Canvas
    Flash export using Flex compiler. Includes animation options.

About Steema Software

Steema Software SL is a privately owned company dedicated to the development of software tools for application developers. Since 1997 Steema's TeeChart Charting tool has been incorporated by Borland in it's Delphi programming environment. In 2000 the company was established to market, distribute and support the tools developed by its founder members. TeeChart is available for a wide variety of development environments. Steema's onward development of its products, always in response to customer requirements and Steema's perception of technical futures, stands to maintain the product amongst the leaders in its field and to offer a quality developer solution for the future.

Multi task dashboard created with TeeChart Pro ActiveX.

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