Syncfusion adds XMLA support to OLAP controls

Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition 2011 Vol 2 OLAP controls now support XML for Analysis (XMLA).
May 11, 2011 - 16:18
Feature Release

Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition includes OLAP aware grid, client, chart and gauge controls. You can also build reports interactively with the included Report Designer. Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition includes the following individual products: Essential BI OLAP Grid WPF, Essential BI OLAP Grid ASP.NET, Essential BI OLAP Grid Silverlight, Essential BI OLAP Chart WPF, Essential BI OLAP Chart ASP.NET, Essential BI OLAP Chart Silverlight, Essential BI Client for WPF, and Essential BI Client for ASP.NET, an ad-hoc analysis tool and report builder that can be easily bound to any OLAP database.

Updates in 2011 Vol 2

All OLAP Controls

  • Connecting a Mondrian Server through XMLA - Now, OLAP controls support XML for Analysis (XMLA) as a standard for client applications to talk to multidimensional or OLAP data sources available in a Mondrian server. Messages are communicated back and forth using web standards - HTTP, SOAP, and XML - and the query language is MDX, most widely supported for reporting from multidimensional data stores


  • Grid Paging Support - Essential BI Grid supports paging by way of the Pager control. With this control, larger amounts of data can be rendered with optimum performance and both CSS and child control arrangement can be fully customized
  • Chart Paging Support - Essential BI Chart supports paging by way of the Pager control, which optimizes performance when rendering a large amount of data. It also supports customized CSS and fully customizable child-control arrangements
  • Cell Selection - Essential BI Grid supports cell selection, allowing end-users to select specific value cells by performing a drag operation and display the selected cells in simple UI controls - such as a chart - through a single event


  • XAML Configuration Support for Grids, Charts, and Gauges - XAML configuration support provides an easier way to pass data and report-related information to a control. Just drag the control from the toolbox and give the connection string and OLAP report-related information in the XAML file itself; there is no need to define data and report-related information in code, such as C# or VB


  • Drill-through Support - Each value cell in an OLAP grid is an aggregation of fact-table values. Drill-through support allows you to view fact data contributing to the formation of each cell
  • Drill-Replace Support - The drill-replace feature allows you to see only an immediate child or the parent members of a selected child. This is useful when you only want to view data you’re interested in and don’t want to be distracted by the results of other nodes

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Report builder samples in Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition

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