C++Builder 10.1 Berlin released

Develop cross-platform native apps with flexible cloud services and broad IoT connectivity.
April 25, 2016 - 0:00
Feature Release

C++Builder is an award winning rapid C++ application development toolset for native Windows, Mac and Mobile development, with broad Cloud and IoT support. Extend your existing Windows VCL applications to mobile, gadgets and wearables by easily creating Internet or Bluetooth connections with AppTethering components. Discover and interact with a wide range of Bluetooth enabled gadgets and sensors with standard Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE. Access on device sensors, such as accelerometer, GPS, and proximity sensors with new VCL components.

The following editions are available:

Updates in 10.1 Berlin

  • FireUI App Previews - Lets you preview your FireMonkey application on iOS, Android, OS X and Windows as you are designing the app.
  • Address Book for iOS and Android - Supports the TAddressBook component which lets your applications access the device’s Address Book.
  • Extended Clipboard Support Service - New interface supports querying and working with text, images and custom fonts.
  • High DPI Support on Windows - Provides multi-resolution styles for Windows, providing support for 120 DPI and 144 DPI monitors.
  • Improved Support for Accelerator Keys - Accelerator Keys support is now available for TLabel, TButton, TRadioButton, TTabItem, TCheckBox, TPopupBox.Items, TTextControl, TPresentedTextControl and TCustomAction.
  • TListView Touch Animations - Listviews now show touch animations on Android.
  • New ListView Item Designer - Supports a new type of item appearance that you can use to customize the content of every item in your list view including labels, images and buttons.
  • Style Designer Improved - The FireMonkey Style Designer and the TStyleBook component now support a collection of styles for various platforms.
  • Broad IoT Connectivity - Core technology enhancements to Embarcadero ThingWare, ThingConnect and ThingPoints empower developers to easily add IoT connectivity to their apps, including more Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi and Android wear support and features.
  • Easily Integrate with Gadgets and Devices - GetIt libraries provide access to turn off-the-shelf and custom IoT smart devices, sensors and wearables into easy-to-use API components.
  • Native Platform Enhancements - Improvements in native toolchain and platform components including CLANG 3.3 and complete C++ 11 language support.
  • Enterprise Improvements - Optimized enterprise database access and enterprise service architecture accelerate the development and deployment of cross-platform applications across multiple desktop, mobile, cloud and database platforms.

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