VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) v7.7009.1.0

Geospatial coordinates support added for PDF export.
February 13, 2017 - 15:48
New Version


  • Geospatial coordinates support added for Portable Document Format (PDF) export.
  • Reduced size and time in Open and Save methods in native vdml vdcl format.
  • Set the VD printer properties from system default printer.
  • New GPS capabilities.
  • ImportDWGFlags can also be used for external references.
  • Improved rotation functionality, user no longer needs to continue to hold mouse button to rotate a scene.
  • Draw solid fill areas with the background color when render mode is set to Hide.
  • Improve BoundingBox calculation in order to speed-up vdInsert with Empty Block.
  • Convert vdArc vdCircle vdRect and vdLine to a vdPolyline.
  • Draw Linetypes with only one shape segment.


  • 70000814 PDF export is throw an exception.
  • 70000815 SHX font file are not display properly.
  • 70000819 Polyline area is returned wrong.
  • 70000822 VDF ActiveX problem setting the linetype.
  • 70000823 Images with clipping region are not exported properly in PDF.
  • 70000824 Mtext is not working well with Stretch command.
  • 70000825 CmdMoveGripPoints is raising FinishAction event before it completes.
  • 70000826 HatchDialog does not preserve gradient hatchproperties.
  • 70000830 After calling ExportScript method some mtexts dissapear.
  • 70000833 After EditText command undoredo is not working well.
  • 70000834 Solid2dTransparency is not working properly.
  • 70000836 vdRender DrawPolygon does not apply lights properly.
  • 70000837 Widths in polyline are not taken into consideration in TransformBy of the object.
  • 70000839 LineTypes with Shape elements are not diplay properly with OpenGL.
  • 70000840 Background mask color of vdText is not printed with the background color.
  • 70000841 Layer Dialog does not sort correctly layers.
  • 70000842 Ruler is not working properly.
  • 70000844 GetBoundingBox function is quite expensive.
  • 70000847 Polyline with widths after trim function the widths are lost.
  • 70000850 vdLeader with null Style throws an exception.
  • 70000851 CurveResolution is not calculating properly.
  • 70000852 OSnaps on polyline with widths are not working properly.
  • 70000854 Some objects like vdLeader are not rendered properly with on off layers.
  • 70000855 Constant vdAttributeDef with alignToView option doesn't work properly.
  • 70000859 vdViewports are selected in wrong order.
  • 70000861 Better Drawing Break while rotating big 3d drawings.
  • 70000864 vdImageDef Dispose produce an Errror.
  • 70000865 PenCapsSquare is not working properly.
  • 70000866 HatchProperties are not transform properly.
  • 70000867 vdViewport VisibleFigures is not working properly.
  • 70000868 Entities selection is not working properly in large zoom.
  • 70000876 Zoom window in perspective mode is taking too much time.
  • 70000877 vdDocument GripSelectionModified is fired more than once.
  • 70000878 AlignToView entities inside ViewPorts are not exported properly to pdf format.
  • 70000879 Filled objects with transparency issue when exporting to image.
  • 70000883 block subentties with layer reference FrozenLayerList are Highlighted inside viewports.
  • 70000888 EditMtext does not work well with ActiveVerJustify set to different value.
  • 70000907 vdInsert with null Document Block reference throw exception.
  • 70000908 DXF cannot be exported to DXF having an image with null ImageDef.
  • 70000892 characters ^M^J are not opened correctly in DXF.
  • 70000893 Window Select of pattern fill regions is not working properly.
  • 70000897 Layer dialog when called from the wrapper is not refreshed correctly.
  • 70000906 vdInsert BoundingBox include Invisible entities.
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