AH XSL Formatter Standard V6.4 MR4

Latest MR4 maintenance release includes minor bug fixes.
June 16, 2017 - 14:50
New Version


FO – The following issues have been corrected:

  • An error “fo:flow is not assigned” in 6.4 and in 6.1 the document formats as expected.
  • A footnote caused Formatter to crash.
  • fo:initial-property-set caused fo:change-bar-begin to not be recognized0012369: fo:initial-property-set and float caused block text to be repeated.
  • axf:word-break=”keep-all” caused closing parenthesis to start a new line.
  • Final 2 pages both used page-position=”last” simple-page-master.
  • The height property had shorthand formula restrictions.
  • Crash with specific data.

Other: (PDF, fonts, images, MathML, output options, others)

  • A PDF failed to be imported.
  • An imported pdf caused incorrect colors in another imported pdf.
  • A CGM graphic was extremely large in Formatter 6.4mr3.
  • The position of the Math element with ruby was shifted up.
  • Invalid exception word in Romanian hyphenation.
AH XSL Formatter Standard

AH XSL Formatter Standard

Format XML/XSL-FO documents/data/forms at high speed.

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