PyCharm 2017.2

Adds Docker Compose on Windows and an SSH Agent.
August 04, 2017 - 9:19
New Version


  • Python
    • Editor Improvements - Now if you’re writing a call to a function, but you realize you need an additional parameter, you can use the change signature quickfix. If you’re using str.format, PyCharm 2017.2 will check to make sure that you’re providing the right input. Finally, autocompletion has been added for type hints.
  • Data Science
    • Pandas series in data view - In 2017.2 support for Pandas series has been added, in addition to the already-supported Numpy arrays and Pandas DataFrames.
  • Remote Development
    • SSH Agent - Do you not like typing your keys’ passphrases over and over again? Maybe you’re using ssh-agent or Pageant (PuTTY’s implementation of ssh-agent) to manage your keys. Good news: PyCharm now supports this, so no more need to separately enter your passphrase in PyCharm.
    • Docker Compose on Windows - PyCharm expanded support of Docker Compose to Windows. Whether you’re using native Docker for Windows, or Docker Machine, you can now run your code from PyCharm on Windows.
  • Database Tools
    • Run Inline SQL on Multiple Server - You can now select ‘Attach Console’ on any SQL fragment, whether it’s in your Python code or in a separate file. After letting PyCharm know on which server you’d like to execute the code, you can instantly see what is returned by right-clicking and choosing ‘Execute’ (or by pressing Ctrl + Enter)
    • Multiple PostgreSQL Databases - If you’re using a PostgreSQL server with multiple databases configured, you now no longer need to configure each database as a separate connection in PyCharm’s database tools.
    • Amazon Redshift - Azure Databases - PyCharm now comes with support for Amazon Redshift and Microsoft Azure databases. Connect to them just like you’d connect to any other database using the database tools. To learn more about this feature, and further improvements to the database tools in PyCharm, check out what’s new in DataGrip. PyCharm Professional Edition comes with most of DataGrip’s features.
  • Version Control
    • Reverting and Rewording Commits - Have you ever committed something, and noticed a typo right after? PyCharm now makes fixing it easier. Just right click your commit, and choose reword. Made a bigger mistake? Revert will create a new commit that undoes everything the selected commit introduced.
    • Commit Message Style - Do you like to keep your commit messages formatted nicely? PyCharm can now help you out by ensuring there’s a blank line between your subject and the commit message body, and keep track of the line length for you.
  • Web Development
    • Auto Imports in JavaScript - Press Alt+Enter to import, a feature that has been available for a long time for Python, is now also available for JavaScript.
    • React and Angular Improvements - In React completion and auto-imports for stateless components is now supported. For Angular, completion and navigation are now supported for Angular Material attributes.
  • Platform Improvements
    • Find in Path - Find in path now gets a gutter just like the regular editor. See at a glance which files have been changed, and navigate to related code straight from the results.
    • HiDPI - Do you have a 4K screen, and another lower resolution screen? PyCharm now now support per monitor scaling on Windows.
Docker Compose on Windows.


Python IDE with support for Django.

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