Application Virtualization Explorer V5.5.0

Now supports import of external/manually edited AppxManifest.xml into package.
August 14, 2017 - 9:59
New Version


  • Import of external/manually edited AppxManifest.xml into package is now supported.
  • AVE now makes it possible to change any virtual file's Feature Block (FB) assignment using new "Re-assign to feature block" action. Note that this re-assignment changes all blocks of the given file to the selected FB, individual blocks cannot be adjusted.
  • Files added or imported to the Scripts -directory at the root of the package's filesystem are now automatically assigned to the Publishing Feature Block instead of Stream-faulted one.
  • It is now possible to copy package id and package version id to the clipboard, as well as filesystem paths and resolved virtualized path of entries in the VFS.
  • Edit box for package script's parameters is now multi-line instead of being single-line, this makes it easier to edit ScriptRunner -related script invocations.


  • Windows 1703 ADK Sequencer originated packages would previously fail to save in AVE due to new file (SequencerTemplate.appvt) being present in the package's internal filesystem root.
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