DevExtreme 18.2.4

Improves Data Visualization, Data Grid and Pivot Grid and controls.
January 02, 2019 - 17:16
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DevExtreme, HTML JS

  • DevExtreme Core
    • The root DevExpress module is marked as 'deprecated' in dx.all.d.ts
  • DevExtreme Data Grid
    • Column hiding doesn't work with minWidths
    • TextBox lost padding for the ClearButton in the FilterRow
    • The  character is displayed before   under certain conditions
    • "The anyof operation is not found in the filterOperations array" error (E1048) occurs on clicking the filter builder
    • A JavaScript error is thrown after resizing when virtual scrolling and fixed columns are set
    • An extra arrow is shown in the pager when the repaintChangesOnly option is enabled
    • An unnecessary request occurs when the adaptive detail row is clicked
    • FilterPanel displays an empty string when filtering a Lookup column with the Equals condition
    • Summary is displayed in the incorrect column if recalculateWhileEditing is enabled and some columns are fixed
    • The focused cell is not navigated correctly after the page down hit
    • The Focused Row style is inconsistent in Material themes
    • The onContentReady event handler is triggered with each row selection if a data row is clicked
    • The second grid becomes focused after its data source is changed in the onSelectionChanged handler of the first grid
    • The watch function doesn't work in certain scenarios after the store.push method is called
    • DataGrid assigns a hidden column width to the next column during the export
    • DataGrid/TreeList loads data twice if dataSource and other options are changed
    • Filtering does not work if filterPanel is enabled and different values of name & dataField are set in the same column
    • The "Maximum call stack size exceeded" error occurs if DevExtreme AMD modules are used and the scrolling mode is set to "standard"
    • The button column is displayed as a form item when editing a row
  • DevExtreme Data Visualization
    • dxChart - It is mpossible to change series name on a customizeSeries callback
    • Chart - Bar width is incorrect if there is only one point or all values have the same argument
    • Chart - Crosshair does not display zero values appropriately along Y Axis
    • Sparkline - Only the first min/max point is highlighted
    • Wrong background color after exporting with the 'exportFromMarkup' method
  • DevExtreme Demos
    • DataGrid displays an unnecessary vertical scrollbar after filtering in the Material theme
    • Switch is rendered incorrectly in Material themes
  • DevExtreme Html Editor
    • The server-side Rendering feature does not work as expected
    • The height option ignores the toolbar
    • It's impossible to select text and apply styles in IE11
    • HtmlEditor doesn't generate the correct name/id for model binding
    • HtmlEditor doesn't update internal input after UI changes
  • DevExtreme Pivot Grid
    • Column headers are shifted after scrolling in IE11 and Edge if scrolling.useNative is "true" and compact themes are used
    • The "Grand Total" column cannot be hidden when there are no data columns
    • PivotGrid without data fields is not exported properly
  • DevExtreme Scheduler
    • Displayed time does not match cellDuration for certain values
    • Appointments are rendered incorrectly if particular time zones are set
    • Appointments that last multiple days are displayed as the "1 more" item in the 'timelineMonth' view
    • The onAppointmentAdding handler provides dates with an incorrect time part if timeZone and dateSerializationFormat are specified
    • The recurrence exception rule doesn't take the timeZone option value into account
  • DevExtreme Tree List
    • The "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'children' of undefined" error occurs on an attempt to delete a node for the second time if the multiselect feature is enabled
  • DevExtreme UI Widgets
    • Accordion widget applies an incorrect font color to an item template's content when the "Green Mist" theme is used
    • Button mode styles are not applied in color swatches
    • ButtonGroup - Selected item text is not visible if an item type is 'danger' or 'default' and Material is used
    • DateBox - An incorrect part of the date is selected during editing
    • DateBox - It is not possible to use the Delete or Backspace button when the "useMaskBehavior" property is enabled
    • DateBox - The "AM/PM" time part is not localized
    • DateBox - The "Cannot read property 'getHours' of undefined" error is raised on an attempt to save a value
    • DateBox - Year is incorrectly inputed when the "useMaskBehavior" field is enabled
    • DateBox formats only the year section if the whole value is selected when useMaskedBehavior is true
    • Documentation NumberBox - The focusIn/focusOut event is not described correctly
    • Drawer - The side panel is positioned incorrectly after resizing the screen if rtlEnabled is true
    • Drawer disables its content on small screens if rtlEnabled is true
    • dxDateBox - A value is not accepted if min/max properties are set
    • dxDrawer - The opened state is changed when resizing the browser
    • dxGallery - Images are rendered incorrectly in IE under certain conditions
    • dxNumberBox calls the onValueChanged method on blur when its value has been rounded
    • External library icons do not work in Material themes
    • FileUploader - It's impossible to abort all chunked uploads by clearing the value option
    • FilterBuilder - Editors overlap each other if the "between" operation is selected
    • It is possible to delete part of a date using the 'Delete' key in the dxDateBox when its value is null
    • NumberBox - It is impossible to enter 0 if the "#" mask is used
    • Popup - Shading and fullScreen don't work on iOS if a page is scrolled
    • TabPanel - Changing the badge's text forces re-rendering the panel's content
    • TagBox - An item unexpectedly changes its selection state on the Tab key press
    • TagBox loads data if nothing is entered and showDataBeforeSearch and minSearchLength are enabled
    • TextArea has wrong styling of scrollbars if it's placed inside ScrollView
    • TextBox - Simultaneous display of a placeholder and saved password in Chrome
    • The Hamburger menu with many menu items does not scroll

DevExtreme, React

  • DevExtreme Data Grid
    • Grouping is cleared if setState is called onRowClick
    • It is not possible to switch the page size in the React demo

DevExtreme, Angular

  • DevExtreme Core
    • Documentation - The "Client-Side Data Aggregation" article has an incorrect description that only the summary field can be disabled
    • Grouped List - All list items become selected after selecting the second item in the group
    • Incorrect array iteration in _convertKey (data/odata/store.js)
    • The second parameter of the onUpdated event has a new value starting with v18.2
  • DevExtreme Data Grid
    • Keyboard navigation does not work after a double click on a read-only cell
    • Records at the bottom part of the grid are not rendered when the Virtual Scrolling mode is enabled
    • Resizing for multi-line grouped column headers works only by the first line
    • Several rows are updated after editing inserted rows
    • Summaries are not updated if rows are added or deleted when recalculateWhileEditing is used and grouping is enabled
    • The filter row menu icon is not shown if a column has headerCellTemplate
    • The filter row menu icon is not shown if a column has headerCellTemplate
    • The onRowClick event handler does not have the e.rowType argument after several virtual scrolling operations are performed
    • The selectedRowKeys option doesn't work if a composite key contains properties of objects
    • DataGrid displays empty columns near fixed columns if only 2 non-fixed columns are visible
    • DataGrid fields cannot be edited with column fixing enabled
    • DataGrid renders extra cells if columnRenderingMode is virtual and column hiding is enabled
    • DataGrid shows a new row twice if the refreshMode field is set to repaint
    • Documentation - It is not reflected that the default expandMode option value for mobile devices is rowClick
    • The state of the command column buttons is not updated when the repaintChangesOnly option is enabled
  • DevExtreme Data Visualization
    • Chart shows a line in the middle if all points have zero values after the upgrade to v18.2
    • VectorMap - A layer with images is not exported
  • DevExtreme Pivot Grid
    • The SummaryCell.value method doesn't allow passing a string parameter in TypeScript
  • DevExtreme Tools
    • DataGrid - Expand buttons are missing in the header filter in IE when the Material Orange theme is applied
    • It is impossible to build a custom bundle using webpack 4
    • ThemeBuilder - The background option has no effect for editors with the "filled" stylingMode
  • DevExtreme Tree List
    • TreeList in Cell edit mode - The expand button disappears after clicking it if another cell is edited
  • DevExtreme UI Widgets
    • ColorBox ignores current selection and displays only new one
    • DataGrid - Batch Editing - A cell is marked as 'modified' on focusing out for a numeric column if the format option is different in browse and edit modes
    • FilterBuilder does not support Chinese input
    • Menu - Page scrolls down if a menu with a large number of items is opened
    • Popup doesn't update its position after dragging it at runtime
    • Scheduler - DateBox doesn't switch format when time is changed


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