Rebex FTP/SSL for .NET 2018 R4

Improves TLS logging.
January 04, 2019 - 10:21
New Version


  • Networking: ProxySocket and TlsSocket implement IDisposable now.
  • Networking: Improved TLS logging.
  • ProxySocket: Added workaround for ObjectDisposedException in Socket.ConnectAsync on .NET Core for macOS.
  • SSH: Enhanced legacy group exchange autodetection.
  • SSH: Changed SshParameters.MinimumRsaKeySize from 1024 to 1023 bits.
  • Cryptography: Added support for IP addresses in Subject Alternative Name certificate extension.
  • Cryptography: Added support for 'BEGIN RSA PUBLIC KEY' keys (PKCS #1 / RFC 3447) to PublicKeyInfo.
  • Common: Added support for new OpenSSH key format with AES-CTR encryption.
Rebex FTP/SSL for .NET

Rebex FTP/SSL for .NET

FTP and FTP/SSL client .NET library.

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